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PACME Admissibility

Free training thanks to the PACME government grants

The Government of Quebec and its Minister of Labor Jean Boulet announced on April 6 the establishment of a fund of $ 100 million intended for training undertaken through the Concerted Actions Program for job retention (PACME).

PACME aims to provide direct support to companies experiencing a reduction in their activities, due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the self-employed.

What is the PACME ?

The program provides direct assistance to companies for their activities in human resources management and skills development of workers, at workplaces, online or remotely, so that they take advantage of the current break to increase skills of their workforce and thus be ready for economic recovery. In addition, it will reduce the negative impacts that the health crisis or the economic slowdown could have on businesses. The program can also support companies that will have to make changes to their usual activities in the short or medium term in order to continue their operations, as well as companies that, when the ups and downs of the current crisis are alleviated, will want to resume their operations. activities and increase their business income. In all cases of training in the workplace, the procedures must comply in all respects with the public health instructions.

Am I eligible to benefit from the PACME?

Eligible clients for the program:

  • Employers
  • Self-employed workers (incorporated or not) with employees
  • Employee and employer associations
  • Professional groups
  • Employers’ groups
  • Worker groups
  • Sectoral labor committees
  • Cooperatives
  • Social economy enterprises
  • Non-profit organizations and community organizations active in communities
  • Workers’ associations legally constituted
  • Franchisors, who operate a business under a brand
  • Etc.

Consult the eligibility criteria for the PACME program

What expenses are eligible for the PACME?

  • the wages of workers in training (excluding payroll taxes) to a maximum of $ 25 an hour;
  • professional fees of consultants or trainers up to a maximum of $ 150 an hour;
  • indirect costs for trainers (travel, meals, accommodation, etc.) at actual cost;
  • indirect costs for workers in training (travel, meals, accommodation, etc.) at actual cost;
  • developing, adapting and purchasing teaching and teaching materials at real cost;
  • the equipment and supplies necessary to carry out activities at real cost;
  • developing and adapting training content at real cost;
  • the transfer of face-to-face training into online training at real cost;
  • registration fees or other fees related to the use of a platform at real cost;
  • if applicable, the costs related to management and administration activities (bank charges, equipment, supplies necessary to carry out the activities, etc.) assumed by the delegated body, up to 10% of the eligible costs.

How to obtain financing?

Businesses and self-employed workers must contact a Services Québec business advisor in their region.

They can find the list of Services Québec offices by consulting the locator of local employment centers. To obtain the coordinates sought, they must enter their postal code, then check Business services.

A business advisor will be assigned to your file and will assist you thereafter in your efforts. The advisor will assess your training or human resources management project. You will need to provide information on

  • the nature of your project;
  • your parallel steps to obtain a subsidy from the federal government or government departments and agencies of Quebec.

When should I apply to the PACME?

It is possible to make a retroactive request to March 15, 2020.

Projects are accepted until September 30, 2020 or until the $ 100 million budget envelope is exhausted.

The training or human resources management projects submitted can be of variable duration (from a few days to a few weeks or months) depending on the needs established.

Are your courses eligible for the PACME grants?

Yes! To be eligible, training must meet one or more criteria established by the government. Among these criteria, we find these:

  • basic employee training;
  • digital skills training;
  • continuing education related to the company’s activities, whether or not directly related to the position occupied by the trained employee;
  • training recommended by professional orders;
  • training made necessary for the resumption of business activities;
  • training linked to a strategy for adjusting or modifying the activities of companies in the context of economic uncertainty linked to COVID-19 which make it possible to maintain or diversify the activities of the company (health, telework, etc.) ;
  • training for the retraining of workers.
  • HRM consulting mandates (e.g. organizational communication, teleworking policy, employee mobilization, planning of workforce needs to maintain and resume activities, support for diversification of activities);
  • coaching and development of management skills.

Which courses are eligible for the PACME?

What are the offered courses topics?