Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Éric Lucas - Speaker and former professional boxing champion Éric Lucas
Former professional boxing champion
and speaker
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Éric Lucas - Speaker and former professional boxing champion Éric Lucas
Former professional boxing champion
and speaker

Éric Lucas, speaker and former professional boxing champion

As a former world boxing champion, Éric Lucas, speaker, had quite an unusual journey. He was raised by his mother until the age of 10 and made his first contact with boxing at the age of 11. At 15 years old, he dropped out of school and began to work full-time. When he turned 20, he began as a professional boxer and ultimately won the World Super Middleweight Championship Title.

His perseverance and hard work made him the man that he is today.

Eric Lucas’s Keynotes presentations :

  • Duration: 45-75 minutes, adaptable to your needs and preferences
  • Keynotes available in French only
  • A preparatory call with the speaker is planned to select and adapt the content of the presentation


After nearly 25 years of boxing, Éric Lucas, speaker, experienced disappointments, setbacks, injuries, and more. With his ‘‘12 ROUNDS’’ conference, you will find that trust, perseverance, and hard work are truly the keys to success.

Themes of his conference :

  1. Pointers
  2. Hard work
  3. Overcoming the fear of failure
  4. Perseverance
  5. Visualization
  6. Aiming high
  7. Self-confidence
  8. Learning from others
  9. Entourage
  10. Other individuals should never be overlooked
  11. Lifestyle
  12. Celebrating your victories

Eric Lucas’s Biography :

Éric Lucas, speaker, marked Quebec’s boxing history. He was born in Montreal, on May 29, 1971; he competed against powerful professional boxers and became the World Super Middleweight Champion.

He collected 65 wins and 19 losses as an amateur boxer, and then began his professional career on December 17, 1991 in Jonquière, where he won.

Lucas remained undefeated at his first 19 boxing fights, where he had a record of 17 wins and 2 ties. He suffered his very first loss on August 1, 1995, after almost 4 years as a professional boxer.

World champion

On July 10, 2001, Éric Lucas finally had his moment of glory. At the Montreal Molson Centre, he defeated Glenn Catley and became the WBC World Super Middleweight Champion. It was Lucas’ call for retribution since he previously lost against Catley, in December 1999.

Éric held on to his title for almost two years, as he defended it three times until April 5, 2003, where he faced the number one contender: Markus Beyer in Germany. The latter surprisingly won the fight. Many boxing fans and Éric’s entourage criticized the judges’ decision, while others made quite a fuss. Despite this, the decision remained unchanged and Lucas lost his title.

Post career plan

Éric Lucas, speaker, worked in the restaurant field for several years, as a business partner of several La Cage aux sports franchises in Granby and Sherbrooke. Éric and his spouse also owned a dairy shop and a coffee shop in Magog.

Éric is the spokesperson of La Cage Brasserie sportive restaurants as well as Chagnon Honda car dealer in Granby.

Éric Lucas lives in Magog with his spouse, Marie-Claude, and their two daughters, Alyssa (20 years old) and Mélodie (15 years old).


  • 88 amateur fights,
  • 50 professional fights
  • Record: 39 wins, 8 losses, 3 ties
  • 8 World Championship fights, 4 wins, 4 losses

Titles won:

  • Canadian Super Middleweight Champion (1993-1994)
  • Canadian Light-Heavyweight Champion (1994)
  • WBC Continental (Americas) Light-Heavyweight Champion (1994-1995)
  • WBC Continental (Americas) Super Middleweight Champion (1998-2000)
  • WBC World Super Middleweight Champion (1998-2000)
  • WBC World Super Middleweight Champion (2001-2003)

Honours received :

  • National Assembly Medal (2001)
  • Inducted member of the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame (2012)


  • Testimony
  • Motivation, success, and personal growth
  • Sport
  • Athlete

*Available in French only

Technical requirements

Wireless headset microphone

Small table or lectern (for notes and a water bottle)


Screen and projector


Audio-video outputs (for video clips with sound)

Video clips

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