à la carte package


Add a virtual training to any of our (online) conferences!

Accessible to all levels!

The lecture, level and style of training will be fully defined with you, tailor-made for your group.

  • That your participants are very fit, marathon and Ironman level;
  • That your participants may never have participated in any training/sports in their lives;
  • Your participants should have access to a desk, chair and other accessories;
  • That your participants have access to nothing more than a small space in front of their desk.

Each training session is designed according to the needs of your group.

This package includes :

  1. One (1) virtual conference of approximately 60 minutes with any of our speakers
  2. One (1) 20-60 minute virtual training session led by a certified CARDIO PLEIN AIR trainer
  3. Logistics and coordination via the Zoom Meetings platform (if needed) or via YOUR platform!


  • Total duration of the activity: from 65 minutes to 1h35 (customizable)
  • GROUPS: unlimited


DURATION: 20 to 60 minutes

speakersQuebec, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Conference + Virtual Training Package with Cardio Plein Air

What training packages are available?

  • Before or after the conference: one or the other, or both!
  • Space requirements: minimal. The ability to lie on the floor greatly increases the range of movements available, but the workout can be adapted to a standard chair-table space in the home
  • Recommended clothing: comfortable clothes (although we suspect that few of us still wear suits when teleworking)
  • Training styles: high intensity, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, zen, flexibility
  • On request: Put yourself in learning and mindfulness mode and start the training (or the conference) with 1 minute of cardiac coherence to the sound of a Tibetan bowl*.

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