Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Guy Bourgeois - Speaker, motivator instructor, author, and Formax president Guy Bourgeois
Motivational speaker, trainer and author
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Guy Bourgeois - Speaker, motivator instructor, author, and Formax president
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Guy Bourgeois - Speaker, motivator instructor, author, and Formax president Guy Bourgeois
Motivational speaker, trainer and author
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Guy Bourgeois - Speaker, motivator instructor, author, and Formax president

Guy Bourgeois, speaker, motivator, instructor, author, and Formax President

Guy Bourgeois, speaker, is known as the author or co-author of the Kilo Cardio books, as a sales instructor, a chronicler, a businessman and, of course, better known because of his Foundation. Guy is one of a kind and has a flair for delivering his message with simplicity, clarity, and dynamism. His subject matters are based on his experiences as they aim to inspire others and will undoubtedly captivate your audience. Guy is seen as a motivation and sales expert and impresses with his eloquence, sense of humor, and authenticity.

For the past 25 years, Guy Bourgeois worked as a speaker, motivator, and instructor. Furthermore, he is the founder and president of FORMAX – Speaker Agency.

Guy Bourgeois’s motivational keynotes presentations :

  • Duration : 60 to 120 minutes, adaptable to your needs and preferences
  • Keynotes available in French only
  • A preparatory call with the speaker is planned to select and adapt the content of the presentation.


Trust is the engine of all achievement. Whether in our personal life, sports, the Olympics, business, the economy, the stock market, the couple, etc., without confidence, everything collapses!

But what is confidence? Where is it from? How can we acquire it, keep it, regain it?

How come some have it and some don’t? Is it innate? Is it accessible only to a privileged few? Everyone probably has already asked these questions!

Not having it pushes us away from important, even essential things, makes us hesitate, makes us anxious, makes us criticize and prevents us from moving forward.

Confidence in who we are, in what we do, in those around us, in our dreams and in our vision of the future can change our lives.

It is the same for trust in our products, our customers, our employer, our team and our suppliers.

Guy Bourgeois, speaker, has worked on self-confidence since 1992. He knows the human principles that lead people to have more self-confidence. Through hiskeynotes and trainings, he has helped tens of thousands of people overcome their fears and take their personal development to the next level.

This keynote is the result of all his years of observing and teaching to those who thought “not to be capable” and who became so.

Whether it’s to apply for another position, speak in a meeting, go see new clients, get out of lethargy, reach a higher level of success, go into business or even lose weight, we all need to have confidence to move to the full power of our potential.


Nowadays, one cannot be satisfied with an average performance, especially when it comes to sport or business goals. In order to make your way forward, you must achieve a higher level of excellence. In his ‘‘Fully motivated’’ conference, Guy Bourgeois addresses with humor the following topics:

  • How can we constantly do our best?
  • Why do we experience ups and downs and what purpose do they serve?
  • How can we keep on raising our self-motivation level?
  • How can we motivate others to surpass themselves?
  • What kind of attitude experts adopt in their area of business?
  • And much more…

By the end of this epic conference, you will strongly believe that you are truly the corner stone of your own success. No more excuses! Take charge!


Inspired by its best-seller of the same name, this conference can also become a show, if need be.

Such conference has been performed as a general audience show in more than 20 cities and it is ideal for convention opening or closing. The ‘‘It could be worse’’ conference will put everyone at ease… even the most reluctant participants!

Thanks to his outstanding dynamism, Guy Bourgeois, speaker, takes you on a humorous and emotional journey in the world filled with stress and negativity. If you believe that we live in a world where everything goes wrong, where we can’t trust anyone and where life is an ordeal filled with pitfalls, the ‘‘It could be worse’’ conference will definitely help you change your mind and start seeing the positive side of life.


How about learning that success can come your way if you do exactly what it takes? What is the recipe for success?

It’s comforting to know that the energy we put into a project, our career, our life, will ensure our success. Feeling suspicious? This is perhaps the core of the problem.

Regardless the area or industry, it is quite difficult for most people to reach greater heights, because they simply don’t know how to get there. Thus, there is a blueprint for success. Moreover, if you have all the right ingredients and you follow the required steps, success will be on its way!

Your future success entails a complex and balanced combination of skills, abilities, effort, energy, practice, positive thinking, and mental toughness. Through his conference called: ‘‘the recipe for success’’, Guy will address all the above-mentioned topics and explain how such ‘‘recipe’’ can boost your performance, both personal and professional, so you can reach higher levels.


Ever thought about being the best?

At what stage of your career are you? Are you currently evolving in your comfort zone? Or do you feel like you reached a professional dead-end, due to various circumstances? Is that indeed the case? The vast majority of people tend to settle for their current position. Nothing is wrong with that… But ask yourself if this is what you really want.

On the other hand, you expect from others to remain on top of their game. You assume that your favorite comedian will perform his best show ever or your all-time favorite actor will play a key part in a movie. Without knowing it, you worship athletes that reached their peak performance and you quickly lose interest when they’re not at their best. Let’s pretend you’re an athlete… Would your fans worship or neglect you? Tough question!

In his new conference called: ‘‘To be at the very TOP’’, Guy Bourgeois will motivate you to reach higher levels. Based on the observation of thousands of people he met throughout his career and the study of peak performers, he will show you that absolutely everyone can get to the top. Do you want to be at your very best? Do you want to be a LEADER or the one and only expert in a certain domain? This is basic human nature and such feelings are normal.

You were meant to be on top of your game! It would be wrong to think otherwise or to presume that circumstances or unfavourable context keep you from reaching the top. You and your excuses are the only ones to blame.

With a few anecdotes and practical examples, Guy will motivate and give you the tools you need to get back on your feet and reach for the top. Be prepared to be up and running!


Everyone dreams of winning the $1 million lottery. In the meantime, let’s find a way for you to earn it on your own! In order to do so, Guy Bourgeois, speaker, suggests different attitudes to adopt and actions to take.

On the menu :

  • Control your own destiny
  • Develop your risk tolerance
  • Blast your creativity
  • Learn how to sell yourself
  • Make things happen
  • Broaden your scope
  • Develop relationships
  • Partner with successful and inspiring people
  • Become a reference in your area of business
  • Develop a high level of confidence
  • Look at examples of successful projects

Business keynotes with Guy Bourgeois :


Does your business realize its full potential? Do all the departments work as a global cohesive team and collaborate with one another? In other words, is your company team-oriented?

With this conferenceGuy will outline to every member of your staff, regardless of their position, the benefits of working towards common goals and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed and ensure that everyone pushes in the same direction.

‘‘Allow me to spend 90 to 120 minutes with your staff and I promise I will make them soar!’’

Guy Bourgeois


Are you looking to raise employee awareness regarding the importance of customer service quality? The new ‘‘Service-oriented’’ conference will undoubtedly help you reach your goals.

On the menu :

  • Why should you adopt a service-oriented attitude?
  • How can you put your mind into it?
  • How can you stand out among your competitors and become a leader in your area of business?
  • What do your customers look for in your company?
  • How can you avoid and deal with bad customer service experiences, if any?

By the end of this 60-90 minute conference, your staff members will adopt the ‘‘service-oriented’’ attitude!


We often hear the expression: ‘‘Be a LEADER’’! Whether they are political, religious, ideological, financial or military leaders, their main role is to lead a group of people to the victory. What constitutes a leader? How do we become one? Is that an innate trait or something we can learn? What are the criteria for becoming a leader? In his brand new conference called: ‘‘How to mobilize your team’’, Guy will address the personality traits that most great leaders have in common and will shatter the myth that some people come to this world with such innate traits. Everyone is capable of motivating others if they abide by the main leadership rules.

If you are an entrepreneur, a manager, an executive officer, or a director, you must learn how to become a leader who will guide others, share their vision, inspire, and know how to reprimand. That’s what this conference is all about!


The market has evolved and so did consumers. Nowadays, they think before buying. Furthermore, because of online business, salespersons now face increased competition and must rely on their sales skills and products, mutual confidence, optimal customer service as well as sales techniques in order to be successful. With more than 43 years of sales experience, Guy is the absolute BEST speaker that can teach you how to ‘‘Sell with passion’’.

That’s right! High-pressure selling is over. The concept of selling has become a development matter leading to: following up and offering higher quality or complementary products to existing clients.

Furthermore, the salesperson’s role is to find new customers. These days, they simply cannot sit back and wait for customers to show up. They have to be proactive and prospect, solicit, cold call, and use all possible networks in order to succeed.

This is the main goal of such conference!


Your sales reps will never go further than the route you made available for them or higher than the ladder you put up before them. The sales manager’s role is quite similar to the one of a hockey coach as they set the goals to reach, provide tools, create a favourable environment, and help overcoming challenges. With his conference called: ‘‘Successfully coach your sales staff’’, Guy will provide you with helpful advice to help you become an ultra-performing, involved, and inspiring sales manager.

His topics will include: How do you set your staff with challenging goals? How do you supervise, coach, and support them? How and when should you set up sales meetings? When and how do you organize selling contests? How do you manage counter-performance and negative leaders?

Find out how to become the best sales manager you can be!

Guy Bourgeois’s Webinars :

Guy Bourgeois is also one of the trainers in the Formations Classe Affaires series. Find his webinars right here.


Guy is also available for entertainment mandates. Should you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Personalized corporate trainings with Guy Bourgeois :

To learn more about corporate trainings or public seminars on:

  • Customer service
  • Business development
  • Retail sales
  • Corporate sales
  • Solicitation of clients
  • Team coaching
  • Etc.

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Guy Bourgeois’s Biography :

Guy has been a born entrepreneur from the age of twenty, where he bought his father’s dairy product distribution company and increased six-fold its sales revenues. By the time he was 30, he founded a food distribution company with several associates and took care of the solicitation of over 10,000 customers.

In 1992, he sold the company and became a motivator and instructor, thereby achieving a lifelong goal: to do what Jean-Marc Chaput did. Since then, he enchants audiences and performs over 200 conferences each year.

In 1999, after a long battle with cancer, he created the Guy Bourgeois Foundation which has been designed to fight against cancer and improve the comfort of patients who receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. To date, his foundation gave over $130,000 to oncology clinics throughout the province of Quebec.

As a radio and television chronicler, Guy also writes articles in numerous newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, he is the author of the following best-sellers: ‘‘Kilo Motivé’’, ‘‘Ça pourrait être mieux’’, ‘‘Ça pourrait être pire’’, ‘‘Comment vendre sa salade’’ as well as ‘‘L’étincelle de génie’’ and is the co-author of books called: ‘‘Kilo Cardio 3’’, ‘‘Kilo Cardio 2’’, and ‘‘Kilo Cardio 1’’, in collaboration with Isabelle Huot and Josée Lavigueur. These books were published by Les Éditions de l’Homme. He also produced numerous motivation and training CDs and DVDs.

He is considered as a motivation and sales expert and impresses with his eloquence, sense of humor, and simplicity. Moreover, his speech inspires people and spurs to action.

Guy Bourgeois, speaker, is a dreamer who believes that people can do anything if they put their mind to it and strive to make it happen.


  • Coaching & leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Change management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team mobilization
  • Motivation, success, and personal growth
  • Health
  • Customer service
  • Shows (It could be worse!/Ça pourrait être pire!)
  • Sales & marketing

*Available in French only

Technical requirements

Wireless headset microphone (30 people +)

Small table or lectern (for notes and a water bottle)


Screen and projector*


Audio-video outputs (for video clips with sound)

* Can be provided by the speaker, if necessary, on request

Video clips




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