Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Helen Antoniou - Speaker, leadership coach and author Helen Antoniou
Leadership Coach and Author
"Back to Beer ... and Hockey:
The Story of Eric Molson"
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Helen Antoniou - Speaker, leadership coach and author Helen Antoniou
Leadership Coach and Author
"Back to Beer ... and Hockey:
The Story of Eric Molson"

Helen Antoniou, speaker, leadership coach and author

Helen Antoniou, speaker, is an executive coach for corporate leaders as well as family business owners their teams and their successors. She is the author of the Globe and Mail bestseller, Back to Beer… and Hockey: The Story of Eric Molson a business biography of her father in law and past chairman of the Molson Coors Brewing Company, published in May 2018. Helen is also an active member of her community and serves as a volunteer board member in the areas of health, education and the arts. As a graduate from McGill, Paris II Assas, and Harvard Universities, she practiced business law, worked as a management consultant and managed business development and strategy
teams from various organizations.

Helen Antoniou’s Keynotes presentation :

  • Duration : 45-75 minutes, adaptable to your needs and preferences
  • Keynotes available both in English and French
  • A preparatory call with the speaker is planned to select and adapt the content of the presentation.


Regardless of the industry, success is all about values. Integrity, excellence, hard work, and a long-term vision are some of the values promoted by global leaders. Using Eric Molson’s story as an example that not only saved the family company, but also led this world-class brewery to prosperity in the 21st century, Helen Antoniou shows how such values constitute the driving force for action.


In this 60 minute conference, Helen defines personality traits that top leaders have, such as passion,
determination, and humility. Set against the backdrop of Eric Molson’s story, the sixth generation member of this Montreal based family headed the Molson Company so it can become the third largest brewery on the planet. Furthermore, Helen highlights how his leadership skills allowed him to achieve his ultimate vision for Molson. As you discover these “servant leadership” capabilities, you will be fascinated by the story of such great company builder.


As a lawyer, author, leadership coach, and mother, Helen Antoniou knows how important it is to put forward our passions. In order to get herself to where she is now, she had to overcome her doubts, assess her need of evolving personally and professionally… and always move forward. Here are sixty minutes of pure self transcendence shared by an exceptional woman.

Helen Antoniou’s Biography :

Helen began her career as a corporate commercial lawyer at Stikeman, Elliott and practiced in both Montreal and London, England. She then worked as a management consultant in the Paris office of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, advising large, multinational corporations in the areas of strategic planning, organizational effectiveness and transformational change. Helen transitioned back to Montreal and became director of strategy and business development at Bombardier Aerospace, a global, Fortune 500 company. Her most recent position, prior to becoming an executive coach, was as associate director general, public affairs and strategic planning of the McGill University Health Centre.

Helen is a member of the International Coaching Federation and became certified at the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, California. She holds Civil and Common Law degrees from McGill University and a Masters in Law from Université de Paris II, France. She also has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University.

Born and raised in Montreal, Helen Antoniou is an active member of her community. She serves on the board of directors of both the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where she is Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, and Concordia University, where she chairs the Governance Committee.


  • Leaders and leadership
  • Coaching
  • Organizational values
  • Business success
  • Succession in family businesses
  • Women empowerment

*Available in both English and French

Technical requirements

Wireless headset microphone

Small table or lectern (for notes and a water bottle)


Screen and projector


Audio-video outputs (for video clips with sound)