Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Jean Bédard - Speaker, President and CEO of the Sportscene Group Jean Bédard
President and CEO, Sportscene Group and speaker
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Jean Bédard - Speaker, President and CEO of the Sportscene Group Jean Bédard
President and CEO, Sportscene Group and speaker

Jean Bédard, speaker, President and CEO Sportscene Group

A chartered accountant by training with a highly developed entrepreneurial spirit, Jean Bédard, speaker, fell in love with the Cage aux Sports restaurant concept. He bought it in 1995, at the age of 31, becoming its president and chief executive officer.

This seasoned worker skillfully managed the expansion of the network throughout the province and can now boast more than fifty restaurants. At the same time, he brought boxing in Quebec back to its glory days by promoting major events. For many years, InterBox was a key player in the world of boxing on both the local and international scenes.

Always keeping on top of trends and wanting to add more momentum to the company, Jean Bédard, he surrounded himself with an experienced team and travelled throughout North America, seeking inspiration in an effort to reinvent his business model. In 2015 he launched his new concept, La Cage – Brasserie sportive, basing its menu on quality, fresh ingredients and local products. To date, the results of this repositioning have been undeniable and will ensure the chain’s longevity for the years to come.

A driven businessman, he is actively involved in promoting sports and accepted the presidency of the Jeux
du Québec in 2005. Known for his expertise, Jean Bédard, speaker, has filled several key positions on the Conseil des chaînes de restaurants du Québec (CCRQ) and the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA).

Since 2006, the Sportscene Group, Inc. has been a member of the select group of Canada’s Best Managed
Companies, holding “Platinum Club” status.

Jean Bédard’s Keynotes presentations :

  • Keynotes available both in English and French
  • A preparatory call with the speaker is planned to select and adapt the content of the presentation.


Duration : environ 60 minutes

  • review of the repositioning of the Cage
  • the changes we undertook before the crisis allowed us to be active and accelerate the transformation that was inevitable anyway
  • how to maneuver in the heart of the crisis (How we lived the last year), communication, leadership, authenticity
  • my vision of the business of tomorrow and the impact of the crisis on consumer behavior


Duration : 45-75 minutes 

Who does not know Jean Bédard? We have seen him in the famous Cage aux Sports ads as well as in many interviews about the business world. But do you really know this boiling businessman and especially his vision of the business world? This is what he will present to you in this conference.

In his keynote, Jean Bédard will tackle :

  • The factors that influence today’s society
  • Why La Cage – Brasserie sportive had to change its culture
  • How to make the mix “culture and execution”
  • How to create a unique business positioning
  • How to get leaders to commit to this new continuous management
  • How to develop a credible and engaging action plan
  • What are the results they obtained?

DUO WITH LOUIS-FRANÇOIS MARCOTTE, VP – Restaurant Division – La Cage Brasserie sportive

Duration : 75-90 minutes adaptable to your needs and preferences

In the wake of the extensive transformation from La Cage aux Sports to La Cage – Brasserie Sportive, a new company culture was put in place and a new position was created: Vice-president – Restaurant Division. In their duo conference, Jean Bédard and Louis-François Marcotte share with you the challenges and roles they played during this amazing business transition.

Jean Bédard will address the following :

  • The factors influencing modern society
  • Why La Cage – Brasserie sportive had to change its company culture
  • How to match culture with implementation
  • How to create a unique corporate positioning
  • How to get the leaders to embark on this new ongoing management
  • How to draw up a credible and mobilizing action plan for the entire team
  • What results did they achieve

In turn, Louis-François Marcotte will talk about the following topics:

  • What is a Vice-President – Restaurant Division and why did they create such position
  • How did he inform the entire kitchen staff about the coming changes
  • What organisational and human challenges did they face and how did they overcome them
  • How do they motivate their staff and create a strong sense of belonging towards La Cage
  • How does he see the future of the restaurant industry

View Louis-François Marcotte, speaker file

Officiel website – La Cage – Brasserie Sportive

Themes :

  • Coaching & Leadership
  • Team mobilization
  • Change management
  • Culture change / brand change
  • Risk management
  • Food / Local foods / Quality of ingredients
  • Restaurant industry

*Available in both English and French

Technical requirements

Wireless headset microphone

Small table or lectern (for notes and a water bottle)


Screen and projector


Audio-video outputs (for video clips with sound)

Video clips

COMMENT ÇA VA? – Discussion with Jean Bedard during the COVID-19 crisis (French)


PepTalk on the road with… Jean Bédard (French)

Full interview with Jean Bédard on the TV Show PROFIL DE SUCCÈS / Fall 2018 (French)

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