Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Nancie Ferron - Speaker and co-founder of La Maison Lavande Nancie Ferron
Co-founder La Maison Lavande
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Nancie Ferron - Speaker and co-founder of La Maison Lavande Nancie Ferron
Co-founder La Maison Lavande

Nancie Ferron, speaker and co-founder of La Maison Lavande

Nancie Ferron, speaker, and Daniel Joannette, met each other while they were working as television journalists on TQS. They car-pooled to get to work; then they worked, raised their two daughters, and even vacationed together. In short, Nancie and Daniel are 24/7 with each other.

However, Daniel had different career expectations. He dreamed of quitting his TV job, leaving the city and its daily 3-hour commute, sitting in traffic, in order to live amidst nature and turn to a more rustic way of life. As a landowner, he kept looking for a concrete project for several years.

Then one day, while he was visiting the south of France, Daniel found a stimulating project: to cultivate lavender. Much to his surprise, Nancie who always thrives on new challenges, was immediately on board. Then, he began to picture himself operating his tractor, while she would proudly develop fragrance blends. What a team!

Nancie Ferron’s Keynotes presentations :

  • Duration : 45-75 minutes, adaptable to your needs and preferences
  • Keynotes available in French only
  • A preparatory call with the speaker is planned to select and adapt the content of the presentation.


Nancie Ferron did a massive shift in her professional career, when she switched journalism with entrepreneurship. As the co-founder of La Maison Lavande, with her husband and associate, Daniel Joannette, it took her a while in order to feel comfortable and allow herself to become a businesswoman.

How can a woman play her part in today’s business world? How do you deal with your employees without falling into cronyism or dictatorship? How do you balance work and family life? How do you manage to work with your husband and kids on a day-to-day basis? How do you move from being in the spotlight to a far less glamorous life? How did they get rid of the imposter syndrome?


Find how a few-minute discussion in Provence changed their lives forever. In 2008, with 20 years of experience as television journalists, they left their jobs and founded La Maison Lavande with the ambition of making it one of Quebec’s most renowned perfumeries. Nowadays, Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette, speakers, run a family business with their two daughters. Furthermore, they employ around 40 people.

Through their conference, Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette, speakers, tell the audience how much fun they had to pursue their profession as journalists, and then leave it in order to become entrepreneurs. Today, their business (that visitors refer to as ‘‘a great project’’) plays a central part in their lives.

Did they hesitate to embark on such adventure? Were they afraid? What did they learn? How do they envision the future? How did they manage not to get on each other’s nerves since they are together 24/7? Do they need to compromise or share duties? What about their kids? Should they be able to do it all over, what would they have done differently?

Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette, speakers, have been working and living together for 15 years. Do 15 and 15 equal 30?

Nancie Ferron’s Biography :

Nancie lived her childhood and adolescence in Quebec City. During her second year at the university, she got a job at a television production company, which led her to move to Montreal to work and complete her studies.

Then, she worked as a television journalist for over 20 years, where some people recall her as being part of the TV show called: ‘‘Le Petit journal’’ on TQS or as a consumption chronicler, alongside Jean-Luc Mongrain on the ‘‘Grand Journal’’ news program. Some people will remember her voice as she worked with René Homier-Roy on the following radio show: ‘‘C’est bien meilleur le matin’’, on Radio-Canada Première.

Nancie now devotes all her time to La Maison Lavande that she co-founded with her husband and associate, Daniel Joannette, who’s also a former television journalist. Together with their two daughters and nephew, they have been managing this family company since 2009. These two business owners grow lavender and, with its essential oil, developed and manufactured over 100 body and home fragrance products.

La Maison Lavande sells its fragrance products in their Saint-Eustache, Laval, and Gatineau stores, online and in Holiday shops.

Nancie Ferron was awarded with the 2014 Quebec Business Women’s Award, in the ‘‘Small Business’’ category. Furthermore, she is Vice-Chairwoman of the Tourisme Basses-Laurentides Board of Directors as well as one of Academos mentors.


Daniel Joannette grew up on a hen house, in the village of St-Joseph-du-lac, on Montreal’s north shore. His two grandfathers were apple growers and his parents were both teachers. In turn, Daniel didn’t have a clear perspective of his own future. He studied health sciences in Cegep, as he thought it would pay off to become a dentist.

Then, he spent his 2nd year studying in administration, as he decided it would pay even more to work as an accountant! He began his bachelor’s degree in Administration at the University of Sherbrooke, but the truth is that he became bored with it. Thereafter, he graduated as a criminologist in 1980. But looking back, he didn’t picture himself working in a prison for the rest of his life. First, he worked as a teacher, then a television journalist for 5 years on Radio-Canada and 13 years on TQS.

Nancie and Daniel met in 2001. In 2009, La Maison Lavande won the First Prize from the Annual Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.


  • Motivation, success, and personal growth
  • Work and family balance
  • Family business and transfer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women empowerment

*Available in French only

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COMMENT ÇA VA? – Discussion with Nancie Ferron during the COVID-19 crisis (French)


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