Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Patricia Paquin - Speaker and host Patricia Paquin
Host, entrepreneur and speaker
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Patricia Paquin - Speaker and host Patricia Paquin
Host, entrepreneur and speaker

Patricia Paquin, speaker and host

Patricia Paquin, speaker and host, has been a part of Quebec’s media landscape for over 25 years. Whether you discovered Patricia through her role in the ‘‘Chambre en ville’’ sitcom, as a co-host of the ‘‘Flash’’ cultural show or the radio show: ‘‘Le bonheur est à quatre heures’’, with her friend Sébastien Benoit, or as the muse of the women’s magazine called: ‘‘Moi et cie’’, everybody knows Patricia.

For the first time in 30 years, she chose to take some time away from TV and radio in order to live her life to the fullest and come back with a new TV project, which is a reality show to be broadcasted on vé Married with three children, Patricia is eager to work on so many exciting projects, both personally and professionally.

Patricia Paquin’s Keynotes presentations :

  • Duration: 45-75 minutes, adaptable to your needs and preferences
  • Keynotes available in French only
  • A preparatory call with the speaker is planned to select and adapt the content of the presentation.


We all have busy lives, but throughout such turmoil, do we forget to simply live and be happy? For Patricia Paquin, speaker, it all comes to making choices. From childhood to our professional career choices and partner, happiness lies in the daily decisions we make.

Through a variety of anecdotes, Patricia shares with us how she keeps on finding happiness in the little things. In her conference, she will address various aspects with humor, such as: how to build confidence, to have projects, to go outside of your comfort zone, to live the present moment, to have dreams, to believe in them and try to fulfill them, all while having fun. Her enthusiasm is literally contagious. Get ready to laugh, think, and laugh even more!


Patricia is also available for entertainment mandates. Should you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Patricia Paquin’s Biography:


Patricia Paquin made her debut in the artistic world very early on. At six months of age, she was invited to her first audition for a diaper advertisement. She took part to her very first advertising at the age of four for Red Rose Tea. Throughout her adolescence, she appeared in more than 50 ads and, at 11 years old, she went to France to take part in a movie called: ‘‘Le Mystère de St-Chorlu’’, for TF1 and Radio-Canada.

During her high school years, she worked as a model for store flyers, such as: Zellers, The Bay, Eaton, etc.


Later on, she appeared on television as a youth program host: GymTonik, 0340, and Livraison Spéciale. Her role as Genevieve in the popular ‘‘Chambres en ville’’ sitcom, that aired between 1989 and 1996, helped her becoming a part of Quebec’s television landscape. In 1995, she hosted the Star Plus TV show on TVA, as well as the cultural show called: ‘‘Flash’’, on TQS, for eleven years.


Thereafter, she embarked on a radio show called: ‘‘Le bonheur est à quatre heures’’, with Sébastien Benoit, on Rythme FM.

But after six years of daily shows, she left in order to pursue new challenges. Thereafter, she did over 100 performances of a show called: ‘‘LES EX’’ all across the province of Quebec, with her ex-boyfriend, Mathieu Gratton, with whom she had a child in 2001: Benjamin. Her son suffers from an autism spectrum disorder and Patricia takes part to many events to raise awareness about such disorder, but also for resource and development purposes.

In parallel, she steered the ‘‘Moi&cie’’ women’s magazine. As of 2015, she returned to the ROUGE radio station in order to host the show called: ‘‘Patricia Paquin le weekend’’. In 2017, ROUGE asked her to host a brand new radio show: ‘‘Flash-Le Tapis Rouge’’.

2017 brought a new challenge consisting of becoming the spokesperson and partner of a new Quebec-owned skin care brand: ‘‘ELE by ELLE R COSMETIQUES’’. She was involved in every step, from the creation process all the way to marketing. Such project is among the most exciting ones she ever had.

Furthermore, Patricia won two Artis Awards and one Gémeaux Award for best cultural host. This committed woman took part to the ‘‘Opération Enfant-Soleil’’ telethon for 13 years and is the Multiple Scleroris Society of Canada spokesperson since 2003. Her older sister Caroline has been diagnosed with MS.

In 2014, she got married with Chef Louis-François Marcotte and they have two children: Gabriel, who was born in 2010 and Florence, born in 2015.

Theme :

  • Work-family balance
  • Women empowerment
  • Motivation, success, and personal growth
  • Getting out of your comfort zone

*Available in French only

Technical requirements

Wireless headset microphone

Small table or lectern (for notes and a water bottle)


Screen and projector


Video clips


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