Become a speaker

How do I join Formax' team?

It's easy, just send us information about yourself!

  • Do you already have experience as a speaker ?
  • If so, examples of clients who have hired you?
  • On which topics would you like to speak and why?
  • Who are your conferences aimed at?
  • Do your conferences already have a title? a description?
  • Do you have video clips of you at a conference?
  • Do you have a website presenting your offer?
  • What are your contact details (telephone, email)?

Envoyez-nous vos réponses au, avec pour titre de courriel : « Devenir conférencier chez Formax » et nous vous donnerons suite en-dedans de 30 jours.

If your profile matches our clients' needs and interests us, we would like to meet with you to discuss this further.

Please note that all our speakershave an exclusive agreement with Formax.

We look forward to it!