A conference for Christmas? Why not?

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The festive season is a time for celebration and rewards. In the corporate world, a good way to celebrate Christmas with your employees is by offering them a reward conference. Not only can they be a good way of thanking them for their achievements over the past year, but they can also boost morale.

The benefits of holding a year-end conference go far beyond simply recognizing and motivating employees. Organizing such an event can also reinforce corporate culture, foster team cohesion, improve internal and external communication, and even contribute to the company's image.

Wondering what type of conference to choose? Whether it's a testimonial conference, a motivational conference or a show conference, each has its advantages and can contribute to your company's success.

Discover our suggestions!

Opt for a testimonial-style conference to comfort and inspire your teams.

These determined talks will motivate your teams to excel through disappointment, obstacles and setbacks.

With his lecture "L'aventure paralympique", Benoît Huot will encourage you not to let life's obstacles stand in your way. He'll tell you how he coped with his clubfoot, and how his desire to succeed in sport and his passion for swimming became inexhaustible sources of motivation.

Jean-François Caron will revisit with you his journey as a strength athlete with "Le succès à bout de bras". He will share with you what he has learned between disappointments, failures and injuries and will tell you how confidence, perseverance and hard work are at the heart of his success. Want to add a standard or customized show of strength to this? Talk to our team, almost anything is possible!

Patrice Bernier est « Maître de son destin ». Dans sa conférence, il partage avec sincérité son cheminement de carrière et y relate ses hauts et ses bas. Travail, acharnement, revers, victoire et fierté ne sont que quelques-uns des thèmes qu’il abordera.

Dans sa conférence « 365 jours : Histoires de résilience et de persévérance », Alex Sereno partage les histoires de résilience et de persévérance de deux athlètes québécoises qu’il a préparées pour leur sélection sur l’équipe canadienne de triathlon olympique, et les leçons qu’il a apprises en coaching, telles que le pouvoir de rêver grand, l’engagement à réaliser ses objectifs, l’importance d’un plan d’action, la persévérance et l’importance de bien s’entourer.

The artists Denis Bouchard, Kim Thuy, Jean-Marc Généreux and Martin Deschamps, with their great enthusiasm, their humour and the playfulness of their presentation, will offer you quite a show!

With his talents as a director and comedian, Denis Bouchard will make you laugh more than once. With the help of anecdotes as funny as they are funny, he will give an overview of his career, share his thoughts on life and give "The Praise of Accidents"!

"The success of my failures" is a story of situations and twists that have made Kim Thúy the successful author she is today. Kim ThúyKim Thúy is the successful author she is today. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, Kim will tell you how she went from being a "boat people" child to a lawyer, to a restaurateur, to a novelist.

He has rhythm in his skin and will invite you to "Control the rhythm of your life". Jean-Marc Généreux He will introduce you to the four 'steps' - forward, backward, sideways and together - that will change your overall outlook on life. Seen as simple physical movements, their importance on our mind, confidence and resilience is often overlooked.

In words and music, Martin Deschamps is coming to honour the expression "Quand on veut, on peut! Accompanied by one or two musicians, he will recount his personal and professional journey with humour and honesty, in addition to delivering an acoustic version of some of his greatest hits! Something to stimulate your team!

What could be more inspiring than stories of resilience?

Nancy Audet, Danielle Danault and Marie-Claude Barrette will motivate you to overcome life's obstacles!

With her conferences, Nancy Audet Nancy Audet uses her own life story to raise awareness about the reality of children in the Youth Protection Division. With words that are sometimes touching, sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny, she delivers a gentle message. With "Tendre la main", she reminds us never to underestimate the impact we have in the lives of others. Encouraging others, helping them achieve their goals, building their confidence, listening to them, are all ways to make a difference. With "Plus jamais la honte", she will tell you her story, her unlikely journey from being a little poque to becoming a journalist in the biggest French-speaking newsrooms in the country. A story about resilience, resistance and forgiveness. Her story is one of hope and can only serve as an inspiration to anyone who attends.

Dans sa conférence « Le succès, une ligne doite? », Danielle Danault parle de son parcours professionnel; un parcours semé d’embuches et de revirements.  Elle partagera ses trucs et astuces pour naviguer dans l’adversité et vous racontera comment elle est passée de l’aide sociale à millionnaire.

Dans sa conférence « Au rythme de la vie », Marie-Claude Barrette se raconte avec sincérité et un brin d’humour. Elle partagera ses réflexions sur la liberté, la vie qui impose son rythme, les périodes de tempête et de calme plat, le poids des responsabilités et les aspirations personnelles. Avec sa conférence, elle permet à l’auditoire de prendre un pas de recul sur sa propre vie.

Conferences that invite you to follow your passions!

There are no better words than passion and determination to sum up the personality of Jocelyne Cazin. She has also been called the pit bull of information. In her conference "Passion and Determination: The Keys to my Success" she will tell you how her tenacity and passion have shaped her success.

Dominique Maltais jongle entre ses deux passions : la planche à neige et être pompier. Dans sa conférence « Vivre sa passion à la planche », elle explore les éléments déterminants de toute réussite. Elle vous motivera à saisir les opportunités, à croire en cous et à vous dépasser !

Avec sa conférence « Brûler de passion, briller de succès! », Pierre-Olivier Zappa vous racontera comment il a transformé son rêve de jeunesse en une carrière passionnante. En partageant son propre parcours personnel et professionnel, il inspirera et motivera vos employés à embrasser leur propre passion.

To prepare for the new year, opt for a conference that focuses on health!

With her lecture "Health through winning nutrition", Isabelle Huot Isabelle Huot will discuss the best health and nutrition tips. She will explain the links between a healthy and balanced diet and overall health.

For a pure motivational speech, opt for Guy Bourgeois!

Confidence is the driving force behind every achievement. Whether in our personal lives, in sports, in the Olympics, in business, in the economy, in the stock market, in relationships, etc. Without confidence, everything falls apart! With his conference " Pleine Confiance ", Guy Bourgeois will share with you the human principles that make people more self-confident.

Do you think we live in a world where everything goes wrong, that we can't trust anyone and that life is a long ordeal full of pitfalls? With " Ça pourrait être pire ", get ready to change your mind and start seeing life in a new light. With incredible dynamism, Guy takes you on a humorous and emotional journey into the world of stress and negativity.

Still with Guy Bourgeois, why not propose a team building activity to your team. "The earth shakesThis is a collaborative crisis management activity. You and your colleagues will be placed in a dramatic situation, during which you will have to make decisions, take actions and make choices. Of course, you will have to work alone and as a team to get out of this impasse. This activity will be followed by a lecture on teamwork.

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