Nancy Audet
journalist, host, author, sponsor of the DPJ Youth Foundation and speaker

After 17 years of working in newsrooms and covering major sporting events, journalist Nancy Audet has decided to take a new turn. Driven by a new mission, she used her own life story to raise awareness of the reality of children in the DPJ by writing her first book. A story about resilience, resistance and forgiveness. It is also proof that a helping hand can change a child's life.

Nancy Audet's lectures :

  • Duration: between 45-75 minutes, adaptable.
  • Lectures available in French / Q&A possible in English.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.
  • Conferences also available online, live.

Reaching out: helping each other to succeed

How can a little girl living in a remote village in northern Quebec aspire to work for a major television network?

In this conference, Nancy Audet will share with you her improbable journey as a "little poque", a nickname she uses to describe children and teenagers who have had a difficult childhood. Despite a difficult childhood, Nancy beat the odds by graduating from university with a degree in journalism, something that is rare among children in the DPJ, as only 17% graduate from high school.

More than motivated by her dream of becoming a journalist and news host, she draws on her deepest resources to succeed. Hard-working and determined, it is through small successes and helping hands that she finds herself in the largest French-language newsrooms in the country. At work, she can count on the support of a few colleagues and bosses.

We should never underestimate the impact we have in the lives of others, because we don't always know the human being in front of us. Encouraging others, helping them to achieve their goals, building their confidence, listening to them, are all ways of making a difference.

More than ever, when the pandemic returns, people will need to help each other. With words that are sometimes touching, sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny, Nancy will deliver a message of gentleness, gentleness towards others.

No more shame

In this conference, Nancy Audet shares with you her improbable journey from being a little poquey to becoming a journalist in the largest French-language newsrooms in the country. That's how she describes the children and teenagers who, like her, are in the care of the DPJ. At a very young age, Nancy already dreamed of working in the media, but did you know that only 17% of the young people in the DPJ succeed in completing their high school diploma?

Faced with these statistics, but especially faced with her reality, Nancy had to overcome several challenges. Her childhood, marked by physical and psychological violence, has left its mark. Inner demons that are still difficult to fight today.

With the help of a loving family standing in her way, Nancy found the courage, strength and determination to pursue her dreams. She has never worked so hard, to study and to rebuild herself.

This long battle has taught him that healing his inner child and forgiving is the key to living happily and fully.

His story is one of hope and can only serve as an inspiration to anyone who attends.

Biography of Nancy Audet :

After studying journalism at the University of Ottawa and the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, Nancy Audet worked for 17 years as a journalist for the Radio-Canada and TVA networks. She mainly covered sports, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but also general news, such as street gangs in Toronto and the collapse of the Concorde overpass in Laval. She has also hosted the news on Salut bonjour weekend, was a reporter for the show J.E. and hosted the boxing podcast "Dans les câbles" in 2021. Nancy also participates in the development of documentary series on various subjects. Very involved in the community, she is also a sponsor of the Youth Foundation of the DPJ.


  • Self leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Living together


  • Wireless headset
  • Table for notes and water bottle
  • Laptop computer
  • Projector and screen
  • Remote control




speakers Quebec, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Nancy Audet - speaker, journalist, host, author and sponsor of the Youth Foundation of the DPJ
speakers Quebec, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Nancy Audet - speaker, journalist, host, author and sponsor of the Youth Foundation of the DPJ

Nancy Audet in conference :

Watch the excerpt of Nancy Audet's conference presented at our VITRINE OF speakers on June 1, 2022:

Interviews with Nancy Audet :


INTERVIEW WITH NANCY AUDET: In 2023, we reach out (January 10, 2023)

HOW IT IS - Discussion with Nancy Audet at the time of COVID-19

What our customers say:

Personally, I was extremely pleased with Ms. Audet's visit. Whether in terms of her presence, her humanity, the quality of her talk or her empathy with our staff, I really got a WOW. I'm not the only one to say so, as the positive comments came from the majority of people who attended the event.

Center de services scolaires de l'Estuaire

"We are very pleased with Nancy's participation and very professional work at our event. She was enthusiastic, dynamic and you could tell she took our mission to heart. She also gave us suggestions during the event to help draw people's attention to our activities, and these were excellent ideas. "

Montreal Children's Literature Festival

"I am more than happy to have Ms. Audet with us. She touched us all greatly. It was just perfect.

Nancy is a woman of heart, true and passionate and this is transmitted in her conference. She has helped many elected officials in Quebec realize that our children need us.

I have nothing but good words for Nancy!"

Municipality of Fortierville

"The presentations by Ms. Audet and Ms. Laurent (Régine) were greatly appreciated by our delegates. Many positive comments were sent to us following the event and we are very happy to have had their presence."

Federation of Quebec Municipalities

"The conference was fabulous, we're delighted. Nancy was generous with herself, both on stage and afterwards.
It was a real pleasure to have her with us, and her message touched many of the participants.
A huge thank you!"

Ministry of Education

"This was one of our favorite speakers. Ms. Audet is touching (without getting dramatic, despite what she's been through), inspiring and so human! The women loved her and we hope that a seed has sprouted in each of them as to how we can help the people around us! The time allotted to her talk was perfect, and the subject well respected!

She is to be recommended!"

La Rose des Vents Women's Center

"The conference was perfect! I received many nice comments from the attendees. A huge thank you to you and Nancy for making this possible. The presentation was more than up to par! Nancy took the time to meet and listen to people after the conference which was really appreciated."

Carrefour familial de Sainte-Julie