Pierre-Olivier Zappa
speakeranchor, TVA 22h and LCN

Pierre-Olivier Zappa is currently anchor at TVA 22h. He also hosts a daily current affairs program at 8:30pm on LCN. His track record and experience testify to his varied interests and his curiosity to understand the world around us.

For nearly three years, he hosted the public affairs program À vos affaires on LCN. Previously, he produced numerous investigative reports for J.E. and presented the news on LCN's morning show Le Québec Matin.

In addition to his passion for information, Pierre-Olivier is fascinated by the organizations that contribute to Quebec's growth and development. He loves highlighting success stories, emerging entrepreneurs, their ideas, projects and ideals.

A talented communicator and excellent popularizer, Pierre-Olivier Zappa, speaker, will captivate your audience.


Pierre-Olivier Zappa's lectures :

  • Duration: approximately 45-75 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conferences available in English and French.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Burning with passion, shining with success!

  1. When a childhood dream becomes reality
  2. Making key decisions and managing the unexpected: the power to say yes... and no!
  3. Decisive choices for self-fulfilment and reaching your goals
  4. The role of authenticity, kindness and self-confidence

Drawing on his personal and professional journey, Pierre-Olivier Zappa shows you how he transformed his childhood dream into an exciting career. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to embrace your own passion! 

What will tomorrow's world look like?

  1. What are the current threats?
  2. A new world of opportunities
  3. Major trends for the next decade
  4. Logistical, geopolitical and economic issues to be monitored

Just ask Pierre-Olivier to build a conference tailored to your industry, your association and its challenges.

How can you overcome the labour shortage in your organisation?

  1. Identify the sources of the problem
  2. Facing the generational shock
  3. Concrete solutions and inspiring examples
  4. Technology and productivity

Biography of Pierre-Olivier Zappa :

From the age of 5, Pierre-Olivier Zappa, speaker knew what he wanted to do in life. Today, every evening on TVA and LCN, he makes his childhood dream come true, delivering national news on the TVA 22 Heures bulletin. He also hosts an evening news program on LCN.

Over the course of his career, Pierre-Olivier has become a key reference for understanding the social, political and economic changes that drive Quebecers' daily lives. His talents as a communicator and popularizer help citizens to better understand the fast-changing world around them.

His career path is a testament to his curiosity and his all-round nature. He holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in political communication. Prior to his career in journalism, he was a high school teacher in a disadvantaged environment, an experience that particularly marked him.

Pierre-Olivier is fascinated by the organizations that contribute to Quebec's growth and development.


  • Personal Finance
  • Labour shortage
  • Economics and finance
  • Public, economic and political affairs
  • Motivation, success and self-improvement


  • Headset
  • Table (for notes and water bottle)
  • HDMI connector
  • Audio-video outputs
  • Projector and screen
  • *Pierre-Olivier brings his MAC computer containing his Keynote presentation and his remote control


Pierre-Olivier Zappa in action:

Animation in the framework of the Expo Entrepreneurs 2021

Watch the excerpt of Pierre-Olivier Zappa's conference presented at our VITRINE OF speakers on June 1, 2022:

Interviews with Pierre-Olivier Zappa :

Interview with Pierre-Olivier Zappa: Thwarting the labour shortage

What our customers say:

« Pierre-Olivier a été à la hauteur de nos attentes. Les participants n’ont eu que de bon mots sur la conférence. Bien documentée avec des données à jour. En plus, Pierre-Olivier a le sens de la répartie et avec une touche d’humour, ce fut gagnant sur toute la ligne. »

Fédération des transporteurs par autobus

"Mr. Pierre-Olivier Zappa's conference was most inspiring for our managers. The relevance of his words and his dynamism are worthy of mention.
An outstanding communicator!"

"We have received nothing but positive feedback.
Obviously, Mr. Zappa is very popular and his lecture was very interesting.
So, 100% positive! We are more than satisfied."

"We LOVED this conference. It was really along the lines of what I had asked for. Record attendance for several years, it feels good to have a nice full house. Fully satisfied!"

"Thank you again for your collaboration and a big thank you to Mr. Zappa for his availability, his lecture, his authenticity and his message, everything was PERFECT!"

"Many thanks to Pierre-Olivier, this conference was topical, down-to-earth and accessible to all."

"Pierre-Olivier Zappa's performance was much appreciated by our sales force. He delivered the goods!"
"Dynamic and really relevant conference".
"Super-interesting conference that helps us better understand current economic events."
"What a great conference! It's been ages since we've had someone so interesting and relevant."
"Very good presentation by Mr. Zappa! His presentation was very relevant to the 2022 fiscal year we experienced!"
"Superb conference by Pierre Olivier Zappa. Very interesting, always well prepared and professional.

« Excellente présentation, je n’ai reçu que de bons commentaires! M. Zappa est aussi un très bon animateur, les panélistes avec lui n’étaient pas 100 % à l’aise sur scène, mais M. Zappa a fait en sorte que ça ne paraissait pas. En gros, une expérience extrêmement positive pour nous. »

Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec