Louis-François Marcotte
speakerchef and entrepreneur

Louis-François Marcotte, speaker, believes that cooking is accessible to all. Inherited from his paternal grandparents and his mother, who passed on her passion and that of his paternal grandparents, he was seduced by the culinary world from an early age.

After working for various food chains since his teenage years - from packaging to butchery - Louis-François abandoned his studies in mechanical engineering to enrol in cooking at the ITHQ. People think he's crazy, but he knows he's right.

After his studies, the new Chef has as much taste for entrepreneurship as he has talent behind the stove.

In parallel to his television career (Le goût de Louis, Cuisinez comme Louis, Le BBQ de Louis, Signé M.), Louis-François Marcotte is involved in four restaurants, including Le Simpléchic, Le Local, Le Hangar and the wine bistro-bar and Cabine M at Montréal-Trudeau airport. An enriching experience on all levels that he decided to take even further in 2014 by opening La Tablée des Pionniers, his sugar shack located in the north, in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré.

Because Louis-François Marcotte, speaker, is first and foremost a project guy, he accepted Groupe Sportscene Inc.'s proposal in spring 2015 and became vice-president of La Cage's catering arm. He was also a key player in the transformation of La Cage aux sports into La Cage - Brasserie sportive. This adventure led to his appointment as Vice-President of Branding for LA CAGE, BRASSERIE SPORTIVE.

Author of nine books, father of two and husband of actress/hostPatricia Paquin has all the makings of a successful man. His greatest role, however, is to bring together the people he loves, who are the foundation of his success.

Louis-François Marcotte's lectures :

  • Disponibles en Français et en Anglais / Available in French and English
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Passion and rigour, the right balance

  • Duration: 60 minutes, adaptable

You have seen him on television, bought his books and magazines, perhaps even shared a meal in one of his restaurants. But that is not the subject of Louis-François Marcotte's lecture. On the contrary, it will be the story of an entrepreneur. The story of a mechanical engineering student, working as a butcher's clerk, who became one of the most talked-about chefs and business owners in Quebec.

With a predisposition for fun and conviviality, Louis-François Marcotte will talk a little about his own history, but above all, he'll be interested in that of the people around him and those who attend his talk.

Behind his success and motivation are universal values that resonate with a wide range of people. For him it is all about cycles, in life and in business. Cycles that have constantly paved the way for the man, father and entrepreneur he has become.

Louis-François always adapts to his audience. Topics range from buying local to corporate crisis management. But at the heart of this conference, Louis-François Marcotte, speaker, always brings us back to the importance of finding the right balance in everything we do, from which flow his two secondary themes: passion and rigor.

At the finale, he elaborates on his biggest priority; his family... and reminds you that there is nothing more precious and energizing than prioritizing this portion of our lives.

Biography of Louis-François Marcotte :

Since he was very young, Louis-François has been attracted to the culinary world thanks to his mother who passed on her passion. Today, it is his turn to share this culinary passion with us in his own way.

As a teenager, Louis-François discovered the world of food by working for various food chains. While studying mechanical engineering at college, he changed his plans and enrolled in cooking at the ITHQ.

Since then, he has managed four restaurants: Simpléchic, Le Local, Le Hangar and the wine bistro-bar CabineM at Montreal-Trudeau airport. And because Louis-François is first and foremost a man of nature and is constantly on the lookout for new projects, it was only natural that in the spring of 2014, he embarked on this new adventure during the sugar season with La Tablée des Pionniers, his sugar shack located in the north, in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré.

In the spring of 2015, Groupe Sportscène appointed him vice-president of catering at La Cage. He was an important player in the change of direction that La Cage aux sports took to become La Cage - Brasserie sportive. He is now VP of Brand Image and Innovation for La Cage - Brasserie Sportive.

The chef's goal is to demonstrate that cooking is accessible to everyone, so he takes his first steps on television with the cooking show Le goût de Louis. He then produced Cuisinez comme Louis and Le BBQ de Louis, all of which were broadcast on Canal Vie. He has since published nine books with Flammarion, the most recent of which was released on August 25, 2016 and is devoted exclusively to apples.

For nearly five years, Louis-François Marcotte, speaker was part of Groupe TVA with the cooking show Signé M, the ultimate brand for lovers of the pleasures of the table, as well as the magazine Signé M, which last appeared on December 24, 2015. In 2016, he was at the helm of the radio show BONHEURS DE TABLE, broadcast on ROUGE (BELL MEDIAS).

- 5 restaurants
- 9 books
- 11 years of television
- 540 episodes broadcast
- 48 magazines
- 41k Instagram
- 30k Facebook
- 4k Twitter


  • Entrepreneurship and business
  • Motivation, success and self-improvement
  • Cooking and food


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  • Laptop computer
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