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Autumn is a time of transition for companies looking to relaunch their activities after a period of downtime. It's the perfect time to strengthen collaboration and communication within the company. To stimulate growth and enhance employee skills, companies organize training or team-building activities for their teams.

At Formax, we offer conferences to inspire and mobilize your teams! By organizing motivational conferences in the fall, you can boost your employees' motivation and commitment, while maximizing cohesion and team spirit.

Discover our suggestions.

Opt for a testimonial-style conference to comfort and inspire your teams.

Athletes like Benoît Huot, Jean-François Caron, Dominique Maltais and Patrice Bernier will motivate your teams with their determination to perform and surpass themselves through disappointment, obstacles and setbacks.

Benoît Huot is a Canadian Paralympic athlete who has won numerous medals in swimming. In his lecture "L'aventure paralympique", he talks about his journey, sharing moments from his rigorous training and competition experiences, as well as the lessons he has learned about resilience, perseverance and determination. His talk is a source of inspiration for all those who seek to overcome life's challenges and achieve their goals despite the obstacles.

Jean-François Caron will revisit his journey as a strength athlete with "Le succès à bout de bras". He'll share the lessons he's learned from disappointments, failures and injuries, and tell you how confidence, perseverance and hard work are at the heart of his success. Would you like to add a standard or customized show of strength? Talk to our team - almost anything is possible!

With his lecture "Vivre sa passion à la planche", Dominique Maltaistwice Olympic medallist, 5-time World Cup snowboard cross champion, bronze medallist at the 2011 World Championships and runner-up at the 2013 World Championships, explores the key elements of success through her passions for firefighting and snowboarding, making links with her professional life. Her topics include risk-taking, change management, self-confidence, resilience and physical and mental training.

In his lecture "Maitre de son destin", Patrice Bernier takes a candid look at his career path in professional soccer, recounting its highs and lows. He talks about hard work, relentlessness, setbacks, victory and pride. This talk is an excellent choice to inspire listeners to keep going despite the challenges.

Offer your leaders a conference with a renowned coach.

Would you like your managers to become better coaches? In his conference "Coaching: a question of human values", Bob Hartley gives his top tips for becoming a competent and effective coach. He talks about interpersonal communication, motivation and empathy. He also stresses the importance of active listening, constructive feedback and recognition in building team trust and loyalty. In short, Bob will help you develop an organizational culture that values human values and leads to outstanding performance. His goal? To help people be the best they can be!

Choose a motivating conference to boost commitment and productivity.

With the return of the vacations and the arrival of cool, grey weather, motivation can be low in the autumn. This is where motivational conferences can be beneficial, as they bring a dose of energy and can improve employee engagement and productivity.

With his "Pleine Confiance" conference, Guy Bourgeois explores the human principles that lead people to have more confidence in themselves, overcome their fears and achieve a higher level of success. Because confidence is the driving force behind every achievement, and without it, everything falls apart. This conference promises to give you "Full Confidence" to move to the full power of your potential!

In "L'éloge des accidents", Denis Bouchard Denis Bouchard tackles subjects such as life, teamwork, stress management, self-improvement and self-confidence. With his talents as a director and comedian, he'll make you laugh more than once. In his talk, he encourages people to seize the opportunities that come their way, even if they're the result of setbacks, and to get out of their comfort zone to adapt and survive.

Success stories are always a winner.

One way to motivate your teams to achieve their goals is to offer them concrete examples of success. Why not offer a talk by a local entrepreneur who has succeeded in his or her field?

In her conference "Le succès, une ligne droite ? Danielle Danaultfounder of Cardio Plein Air and guest dragon on Radio-Canada's popular Dans l'œil du Dragon in 2020, shares her entrepreneurial journey and her tips and tricks for navigating adversity. Danielle's talk is a source of inspiration for anyone seeking to succeed in business. With her proven advice, she proves that success is not a straight line, but rather a winding road that requires perseverance, creativity and determination.

Quebec's top chef and entrepreneur, Louis-François Marcotte shares his story at conferences, but is above all interested in the stories of those around him and those who attend. He adapts to his audience to tackle subjects such as buying local or corporate crisis management, but always comes back to the importance of finding the right balance in everything we do, with passion and rigor. His talk, "Passion et rigueur : le juste équilibre", is an important reminder that balance is essential for a happy and successful life.

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