Jean-François Caron
speakera strong professional and entrepreneurial man

To date, Jean-François Caron, speaker, is a six-time Canadian champion of strength athletes. A professional strongman, he has been astonishing the world over for more than seven years now with his most convincing results. Ranked among the ten strongest men in the world in the last five editions of the prestigious World's strongest man, he tells you about his inspiring journey that no one, even himself, could have imagined.

Jean-François Caron's conference:

  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conference available in French only.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Success at arm's length

His genetics did not suggest that success awaited him, but the efforts of years of training and competition have propelled Jean-François Caron, speaker, to the world's elite in the sport.

His motto: Work, work, work and more work. With an uncommon verve for a strength athlete, Jean-François will share with you the steps to become one of the best in the world.

Experience with him his unusual journey and see how he motivates himself day after day to give 100%.

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Biography of Jean-François Caron :


Coming from a farming background, Jean-François knew the importance of work from a very young age. The eldest of a family of two children, he had to deal with the death of his mother at a young age and took his father as an example, who rolled up his sleeves in the face of the heavy workload before him. Also, being a great sportsman and loving the physical tasks of the farm, he turned by chance to strength contests.


His journey in the world of strength began at the age of 22. By chance, that year, the provincial championship for strength athletes stopped in Mont-Joli, a municipality in the Bas St-Laurent where Jean-François lived at the time.

Without any training, he finished 17th out of 30 athletes and did not qualify for the final. The 6'2" 220 lbs young man realized that he might have some potential, but more importantly that working on the farm had nothing to do with training. In two years of training, he managed to rank among the best in Quebec and it was then that he decided to do everything he could to become Canadian champion.

Under the wise advice of his grandfather just before his death, he chose to put 100% of his energy to succeed in whatever he undertook. Then, in 2011, having achieved his goal, he began his ascent to the world level. Since then, tons of new goals have come his way.


In April 2013, Jean-François Caron, speaker, and two friends bought a gym in their region which they transformed into a place where it was good to train, get in shape, exceed one's limits and reach one's goals (


Passionate about coaching, Jean-François still keeps time in his busy schedule to personally coach a few clients with specific needs (multiple sclerosis, physical disabilities, injuries, etc.). Seeing them fight, progress and reach their own goals is unparalleled for him.

Success, both his own and that of his clients, motivates our athlete to work harder and harder, but it is not without its challenges. Look how far he has come to become one of the best in his field. For him, excellence comes from hard work and discipline.


  • Athlete
  • Motivation, success and self-improvement


  • Micro
  • Small table (for notes and water bottle)
  • Computer (Jean-François brings his PowerPoint presentation on a USB stick)
  • Projector and screen (audio-video outputs as videos with sound)
  • Remote control
  • Internet connection

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