Nancie Ferrons
seaker and co-founder of the Maison Lavande

Nancie Ferron, speaker, and Daniel Joannette met on TV when they were both journalists at TQS. They carpooled to get to work, worked together, raised their two daughters together and, well, took their holidays together. In short, Nancie and Daniel live together 24 hours a day.

Despite this, Daniel had other aspirations. He dreamed of leaving the TV, leaving the city, leaving the three hours of traffic a day to return to the land and live a "peasant" life. For several years, already a landowner, he searched and searched for a project.

Then one day, during a trip to the south of France, Daniel found; growing lavender. To his surprise, Nancie - always a willing participant - was immediately attracted. He could play on his tractor, Nancie would be happy to make perfume blends. He, the arms, she, the nose.

Nancie Ferron's lectures:

  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conferences available in French only.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Establishing yourself as an entrepreneur

Nancie Ferron, speaker, made a 180-degree turn in her life when she went from journalism to entrepreneurship. Co-founder of Maison Lavande with her partner Daniel Joannette, it took her a while to feel comfortable and to give herself the right to be a businesswoman.

How do you take your place as a woman in the business world? How do you impose yourself on your employees without becoming a crony or a dictator? How to reconcile family life and work? How do you work with your lover and your children on a daily basis? How do you move from a life in the spotlight to a less glamorous life? How to get rid of the feeling of usurpation?

A crazy idea

A few minutes of discussion in a car on a road in Provence had just changed their lives forever. In 2008, after 20 years in television, they quit their jobs and founded La Maison Lavande with the ambition of turning it into a Quebec-based perfumery. Today, Nancie Ferron, speaker and Daniel Joannette, are at the head of a family business in which their two daughters are also shareholders.

In this conference-testimony, Nancie Ferron, speaker tells of the pleasure she and Daniel had in practising their profession, then in leaving it to become entrepreneurs. Today, their business (which the visitors call "a beautiful project") occupies their whole life.

Did they hesitate to dive, were they afraid? What did they learn? How do they see the future? How do you keep from getting on each other's nerves when you do everything together? Do we have to find compromises, share tasks? What about the children? If they had to do it all over again, would they do the same thing?

Nancie Ferron, speaker and Daniel Joannette, have worked together for 15 years and lived together for 15 years. Does 15 plus 15 make thirty...?

Biography of Nancie Ferron :

Nancie spent her childhood and teenage years in the old capital. In her second year of university she got a job in a TV production company, which led her to move to the metropolis to work and finish her studies.

A television journalist for over 20 years, some will remember her as a host of the program Le Petit journal on TQS or as a consumer columnist alongside Jean-Luc Mongrain on Le Grand Journal. Others will remember her voice for having heard her with René Homier-Roy on the show C'est bien meilleur le matin on Radio-Canada Première.

Nancie now devotes all her time to La Maison Lavande, a business she founded with her partner and former TV journalist Daniel Joannette. Together, and with the help of their two daughters who have become shareholders, they have been running this family business since 2009. They grow lavender, and thanks to lavender essential oil, the family creates and manufactures over 200 fragrance products for the body and home.

La Maison Lavande, in addition to operating an agrotourism site that attracts over 50,000 visitors to Saint-Eustache in summer, sells its perfumery products in its own boutiques across Quebec and online.

Nancie Ferron is the winner of the Quebec Businesswoman Award in the Small Business category in 2014. She is vice-president of the Board of Directors of Tourisme Basses-Laurentides and a mentor at Academos.


  • Motivation, success and self-improvement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Work-life balance


  • Wireless headset
  • Small table (for notes and water bottle)
  • Laptop computer
  • Remote control
  • Projector and screen
  • (audio-video outputs as videos with sound)

Nancie Ferron in conference :

Watch the excerpt of Nancie's conference presented at our VITRINE OF speakerson November 2, 2017 at the Trois Tilleuls Hotel in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu:

Interviews with Nancie Ferron :

HOW IT IS - Discussion with Nancie Ferron at the time of COVID-19

PepTalk on the road with... Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette

PepTalk on the road with... Nancie Ferron and Daniel Joannette