Jean-Marc Généreux
speakerdancer, choreographer and TV cohost

Few of us realize that Jean-Marc Généreux, speaker an energetic character with expressions as colorful as his costumes, is from Quebec. No doubt this is due to his unusual profession in the enchanting world of dance, which has taken him all over the world; an incredible opportunity for him to share his passion with as many people as possible.

His international reputation is well established thanks to his participation in the reality TV hits So You Think You Can Dance (presented on FOX), So You Think You Can Dance Canada (CTV), Danse avec les stars (TF1) and since 2018, he is one of the three judges of Révolution on TVA. Today, more than anything, Jean-Marc wishes to share with us the valuable life lessons that dance has taught him over the years.

Jean-Marc Généreux's lectures :

  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conferences available in French and English.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Control the rhythm of your life

Rhythm: You can FOLLOW it / You can FOLLOW it / or YOU CAN CREATE IT!

"Finding and keeping a good rhythm becomes essential to be successful, but above all you have to find YOUR rhythm to be HAPPY in your life.

With reflection, wit and a touch of humor, Jean-Marc Généreux, speaker, puts into perspective the effect and impact of "rhythm" in all facets of our personal and professional lives.

"Controlling the Rhythm of Your Life" is a conference that invites you to listen AND to physically participate!

Discover the four (childishly simple) steps that will change your whole outlook on life. Of course, these four steps, so symbolic, are the basis of all dances:

  • Forward
  • Backwards
  • De Côté
  • And Together

Seen as simple physical movements, we too often overlook the importance of these four steps on our mind, our confidence and our resilience! It is up to you to control the pace and direction of your life, both personally and professionally!

In this conference, as in life, Jean-Marc wants to guide you and help you to move from words to actions! The 4 steps become necessary and essential tools for taking positions, decisions and directions in life. FIND YOUR RHYTHM!

Biography of Jean-Marc Généreux :

It all started in Quebec where Jean-Marc danced at an amateur level from a very young age. In 6 years, he and his partner, France Mousseau, won all the regional and national championships in the social style in competition and for 8 years, in the international style, they won more than 100 competitions and all the major championships in all the major cities in North America, at the amateur level.

At the junior level, they took part in several competitions in Europe and were the first Canadian representatives to participate in 10 world championships where they distinguished themselves by winning several of them.

Their career took a major turn when Jean-Marc and France got married and started competing professionally at the same time. They continue to shine and win many championships in major cities in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Recognized as a reference in their field, Jean-Marc and France were part of and/or are currently active in the shows So you think you can dance on "FOX", So you think you can dance Canada on "CTV", Danse avec Les Stars on "TF1" and Tout le monde danse on "ÉVASION"

In addition, it would be impossible not to mention Jean-Marc Généreux 's many television and film appearances as a judge, choreographer, dancer and actor. To name just a few, he has appeared in the shows Le Grand Saut on "V" and DEGRASSI next Generation on "CTV" and in the movie Shall We Dance, starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

Jean-Marc Généreux, speaker, is also a national and international choreographer for several dance teams, children, competitive couples, dance studios and individual artists. This includes university programs such as BYU Provo Utah and stage work for the BEYONG BALLROOM company in Minneapolis MN.

Jean-Marc supports many causes, including Le Phare, the only home in Quebec that offers both palliative pediatric care and temporary housing for disabled or seriously ill children. Jean-Marc's daughter, Francesca, has Rett Syndrome and he knows first-hand how demanding and exhausting caring for a severely disabled child can be.


  • Motivation, success and self-improvement
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Team mobilisation


  • Wireless headset
  • Small table (for notes and water bottle)


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