Motivational conferences for the Hooked on School Days 2024

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From February 12 to 16, 2024, all of Quebec will be mobilizing for a twentieth year to promote school perseverance and the educational success of young people as part of the Hooked on School Days.

This week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of engaging with young people and encouraging them in their efforts to succeed. A good way to do this is to offer them conferences with public figures who inspire young people.

To support you in your efforts, here are our suggestions for conferences focusing on perseverance.

Quand on veut, on peut, a lecture by Martin Deschamps

A rock singer-songwriter well known to Quebecers of all ages for his upbeat music and endless joie de vivre, Martin is a true model of perseverance. With his lecture Quand on veut, on peut, he honors this expression that can indeed change the world. Accompanied by one or two musicians, he uses humor and honesty to recount his personal and professional journey, and delivers an acoustic version of some of his greatest hits.

Plan A, a conference by Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau

Only in their early twenties, Philippe and Sandrine entered the world of public speaking to prove that dreams can come true at a young age. Who better to speak to young people than this inspiring duo of multidisciplinary artists? With their Plan A conference, they aim to motivate teenagers and young adults to follow their dreams and achieve their Plan A in whatever they set out to do. Whether it's academic, professional, sporting, artistic or even self-confidence-related.

The Paralympic adventurea lecture by Benoit Huot

From an early age, Benoit learned to live with the foot deformity he was born with. Far from abandoning his desire to succeed in sport, like most boys his age, swimming became an inexhaustible source of motivation when he realized that his clubfoot was no longer an obstacle to performance. Through his own story and a review of the four Paralympic periods in which he took part, he will inspire you to surpass yourself and push on towards success, whatever your age.

Leçons de vie à travers le sport, a lecture by Charline Labonté

A goalkeeper with the National Women's Hockey Team, with whom she won 4 Olympic gold medals, Charline Labonté was the first woman to be drafted into the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. In Leçons de vie à travers le sport, she discusses self-confidence, motivation and leadership. Through her personal experiences, she will teach participants the importance of working hard, accepting one's role, setting goals and continuing one's education.

Le succès à bout de bras, a lecture by Jean-François Caron

Who hasn't heard of Jean-François Caron in recent years? A professional strongman, in 2022 he suffered a ruptured patellar tendon in both knees during the Arnold Strongmen Classic competition. Although his career as a strength athlete was supposed to be over, in 2023, thanks to his unbeatable determination and the support of those close to him, he returned to competition. In his lecture Le succès à bout de bras, he revisits his journey as a strength athlete and shares the lessons he learned from disappointments, failures and injuries, and how confidence, perseverance and hard work are at the heart of his success.

Vivre sa passion à la planche, a lecture by Dominique Maltais

Dominique Maltais juggles her two passions: firefighting and windsurfing. In her conference entitled Vivre sa passion à la planche, she shares the essential keys to success. She will inspire participants to seize every opportunity that comes their way, to have confidence in their abilities and to push back their limits. With her captivating testimonial, she will encourage them to explore new horizons, persevere in the face of obstacles and realize their full potential in their passion.

Master of your destiny, a lecture by Patrice Bernier

Since the age of six, Patrice Bernier has dreamed of playing soccer. But since field hockey is king in Quebec, he also played and excelled in both sports. As with everything he undertook, he gave it his all and made it all the way to the Quebec Junior Major League, playing two seasons with the Foreurs de Val d'Or, among others. When the Foreurs decided to trade him, something clicked in his head and he decided to make soccer his career. In his conference Maître de son destin, Patrice shares his career path with sincerity, recounting the highs and lows. Hard work, relentlessness, setbacks, victory and pride are just some of the themes he tackles.

Interested in booking one of these conferences for the Journées de la persévérance scolaire 2024? Hurry, because our speakers' availabilities are running out fast!

Contact Jade, Training and Conference Coordinator.

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