Start the year in style: conferences to motivate you!

Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Start the year in style: conferences to motivate you!

To start the new year off right, the Formax team offers you conferences to inspire you and mobilize your teams.

Conferences to get you off on the right foot

Are you wondering about current threats, logistical, geopolitical and economic issues, and future trends? With his lecture What will tomorrow's world look like? Pierre-Olivier Zappa will answer all these questions and more! With a passion for the media and a fascination for the companies that are contributing to Quebec's growth and development, Pierre-Olivier enjoys highlighting success stories, emerging entrepreneurs, their ideas, projects and ideals. It's sure to inspire you and give you plenty of ideas for the year ahead!

Making decisions is an art that requires a good dose of courage and diplomacy. How do you make the right decisions? And above all, how do you ensure they are respected? As a former NHL referee, Stéphane Auger has had to make a lot of decisions over the course of his career. In his conference L'art de décider, he'll give you his best tips for deciding when you have to, or letting things slide when it's best to do so. This conference is ideal for your leaders!

Passion et rigueur, le juste équilibre conference by Louis-François Marcotte focuses on the importance of finding the right balance in life. In this talk, the celebrated chef and entrepreneur shares his entrepreneurial story and looks at the people around him. He touches on subjects such as buying local, crisis management in business, depending on the audience, and highlights the universal values of passion and rigor.

In a world of price wars, where product offers are often comparable, customer experience expert Jean-Claude Gagnon will demonstrate in his lecture, Le client avant le concurrent (The customer before the competitor), with tangible examples to back it up, that the combination of a rallying customer promise, a constant concern for employee satisfaction and a high culture of empathy for customers has become the priority strategy for generating growth and profitability. These are the ingredients that create an authentic, non-copyable, loyalty-building customer & employee experience, which imprints the corporate brand in the minds and hearts of end-user customers.

Conferences to mobilize your teams

You can't be as successful alone as you can as a team. Is your company using its full potential? And how do you get everyone to act together?

At the beginning of the year, it's time to gather your forces to work together towards your goals. Offer a conference on cohesion and mobilization to your employees and you will motivate them for the rest of the year!

Expert in the field, Guy Bourgeois offers three conferences, all adaptable to your context, on team mobilization. With Le pouvoir d'une équipe, he will explain to all your employees, from sweepers to senior executives, the benefits of working towards a common goal, and provide you with the tools to make it happen and get everyone pulling in the same direction. In this talk, he'll talk about belonging, pride, interpersonal communication, team spirit, skills, self-acceptance and acceptance of others. All with the aim of revealing that, deep down, we all want the same thing: to succeed!

During his career as a professional field hockey coach, Bob Hartley led 7 teams to the highest honors in their respective leagues. His leadership is legendary, but his human side even more so. For Bob, the people around him are his career; his victories are nothing without them. In Coacher : une question de valeurs humaines, Bob uses anecdotes from his career to demonstrate how active listening, constructive feedback and recognition can build trust and loyalty within the team.

Now a political analyst and consultant, Marc-André Leclerc has a unique background. He has represented his country in twenty open-water swimming marathons around the world, but it's by swimming in politics that he has demonstrated his talents as a mobilizer. As Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Official Opposition, one of the most prestigious positions for a political employee on the federal scene, he put together a winning team. With his conference Bien s'entourer pour gagner, Marc-André explains how we can perform at the highest level when we are well surrounded.

Are you going through a period of change? The Provoke Change conference by Jimmy Vigneux is for you! Through the success story of Mission 1000 tonnes, Jimmy will reveal the keys to success, so that every individual can become an agent of change. The world needs "leaders" of change, and not just in the environment, but also in your company, your personal life, your community, etc. With this conference, you'll discover how to harness your potential to make a difference!

Inspiring and motivating conferences

Sometimes all it takes to start a year off right is to hear stories of perseverance and success.

On a more humorous note, but oh so inspiring, Denis Bouchard will share his thoughts on life, the importance of teamwork, efficiency, stress management, surpassing oneself, the art of selling oneself and self-confidence. With the help of anecdotes as funny as they are tasty, he will give an overview of his career and tell you about the great passion of his life, his work as a "creator", and about travel, his second great passion. He also dwells on the "accidents along the way" that happen to all of us in life. In his view, they are always a prelude to beneficial change, and full of opportunities that we must seize. In praise of accidents, it's the art of living your life instead of suffering it.

Plan A, a conference by Philippe Cormier and Sandrine MorrisseauThe aim of this conference is to motivate teenagers and young adults to follow their dreams and achieve their Plan A in whatever they wish to undertake, whether it be academic, professional, sporting, artistic or even in terms of self-confidence. These two young multi-disciplinary artists simply want to inspire everyone and make them realize that anything is possible, whatever their condition, background or difficulties.

Patrice Bernier is the master of his own destiny. In his talk, he shares his career path with sincerity, recounting its highs and lows. Hard work, relentlessness, setbacks, victory and pride are just some of the themes he will address.

With his lecture L'aventure paralympique, Benoît Huot will encourage you not to let life's obstacles stand in your way. He'll tell you how he coped with his clubfoot, and how his desire to succeed in sport and his passion for swimming became inexhaustible sources of motivation.

In his lecture 365 jours : Histoires de résilience et de persévérance, Alex Sereno shares the resilience and perseverance stories of two Quebec athletes he prepared for selection to the Canadian Olympic triathlon team, and the coaching lessons he learned, such as the power of dreaming big, commitment to achieving goals, the importance of an action plan, perseverance and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Marie-Claude Barrette tells her story with sincerity and a touch of humor in her lecture Au rythme de la vie. She shares her thoughts on freedom, on life imposing its own rhythm, on stormy and calm periods, on the weight of responsibilities and personal aspirations. With her lecture, she enables the audience to take a step back from their own lives.

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