Marie-Claude Barrette
speaker host, author and producer

An active and versatile woman, Marie-Claude Barrette, speaker is involved in many fields, notably ashost, author and producer. She worked in the cultural field before entering the world of television ashost. During this period, she hosted several programs, including Deux filles le matin and documentary series. After two years at the helm of Marie-Claude, she set up her own production company, Umano, where she produced the podcast Ouvre ton jeu. Marie-Claude is particularly interested in people, and seeks to improve people's lives in everything she does. That's why she is so involved in society, notably as an ambassador for the Auberges du cœur Foundation and co-chair of the Bébé plante campaign.

Aujourd’hui, elle propose sa conférence « Au rythme de la vie » dans laquelle elle partage ses apprentissages de la vie!

Marie-Claude Barrette's lecture:

  • Duration: 45 to 75 minutes + question period, flexible.
  • Available in French only.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

To the rhythm of life

In the year of her 50th birthday, Marie-Claude felt the need to take stock of her life. She did so by assigning a theme to each decade. This conference enables the audience to take a step back from their own lives.

With sincerity and a touch of humor, she tells her story: For a long time, I lived as if tomorrow didn't exist. I was always in search of freedom. One day, I realized that life imposes its own rhythm. You can decide not to follow it, or like me, you can choose to sail to the rhythm of the waves. There are stormy periods, periods of calm and moments of wonder. Sharing your life with another person, becoming a parent, illness, bereavement, work, the weight of responsibilities often take us off course from our aspirations. We make decisions not just for ourselves, but for those we love. How can we avoid losing ourselves and retain our own essence? Over the years, I've asked myself so many questions about the meaning of life. Now I want to share what I've learned.

Marie-Claude Barrette is also available for variousanimation mandates. Contact her to find out more!

Biography of Marie-Claude Barrette

hostcommitted woman, author, speaker and producer Marie-Claude Barrette is curious by nature, interested in everything, and the common thread running through her life is people. For her, there are no limits to human relationships.

That's probably why she became interested in politics at such an early age: she wanted to change things to improve people's lives.

The well-being of others is the driving force behind everything she does.

When asked where she comes from, it's very difficult to answer... she changed schools fourteen times, just in elementary school. This somewhat bohemian lifestyle has enabled her to discover Quebec and Quebecers. Throughout her twenty years in politics, Marie-Claude Barrette studied economics, but never worked in the field. Instead, she opted for the cultural milieu. She held the position of fundraising manager for the Musée du Bas-St-Laurent and general manager of the École de musique de Rivière-du-Loup. Returning to the Montreal area after living in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region for almost fourteen years, she reoriented her career. She was offered the chance to work in television, something she had never thought about before.

Marie-Claude's strength of character, authenticity and, above all, relevance have earned her a special place in the Quebec media world.

After 11 years as host on Deux filles le matin and 2 years at the helm of Marie-Claude, she now runs her own production company, Umano, producing the podcast Ouvre ton jeu. She has also produced several documentary series: Simplement Vedette (Canal Vie), Virages (TVA), Cultes religieux : des enfants oubliés (Club Illico) and Projet Innocence Québec (Moi & cie).

In addition to host, Marie-Claude is also an author.

His first book, La couveuse published by Libre Expression in 2014, sold over X copies in addition to being reissued a few months ago.

Her involvement in society is essential, which is why she has been an ambassador for the Auberges du cœur Foundation for several years now. She is also co-chair of the Bébé plante campaign.

A woman of heart and head, she goes for it and embraces everything that comes her way.


  • Women's leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Work-life balance
  • Motivation, success and self-improvement


  • Wireless headset (1st choice) or lapel microphone
  • Lectern

Interviews with Marie-Claude Barrette :

INTERVIEW WITH MARIE-CLAUDE BARRETTE: Au rythme de la vie (September 29, 2023)

What our customers say:

We were very pleased with the conference and heard nothing but good things from the people who attended. We made no mistake in choosing Marie-Claude. Funny, human and accessible, she was very generous with her time; we have nothing but positive things to say about her!

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