Stéphan Larouche
speakerand boxing trainer

Stéphan Larouche, speaker is an accomplished boxing coach. He has trained many of the big names in Quebec boxing over the past decade and was one of the two coaches for the Canadian boxing team at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Named trainer of the year by FightNews Canada magazine in 2005 and 2008, he has worked with boxers Éric Lucas, Léonard Dorin, Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal, to name a few. Head coach of the InterBox team, Stéphan Larouche is currently working to build other Canadian boxing champions.

Recognized by many in the industry as one of the best in his profession, Stéphan Larouche also excels as speaker. Voluble by nature, it is through several anecdotes that he shares his advice for success.

Stéphan Larouche's lecture:

  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conference available in French and English.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.


After more than 20 years of coaching the best in the boxing world, Stéphan Larouche knows very well that to develop a win-win relationship and get the best out of his athlete, as well as his client, you need to get closer.

In his conference "Win-Win", he explains that in business as in boxing, listening, respect and constant communication are the basis of any trusting relationship. With the straightforwardness that he is known for, Stéphan Larouche, speaker draws many parallels with what he knows best: boxing.

With twenty years of experience, his valuable advice will undoubtedly lead to win-win agreements.


  • Motivation, success & surpassing oneself
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Team mobilisation


  • Wireless headset
  • Small table (for notes and water bottle)

Stéphan Larouche in conference :

Watch the excerpt from Stéphane's conference presented at one of our clients in Montreal, in 2015:

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