Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau
artists and speakers

Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau are multidisciplinary artists working together on projects including the feature film Le purgatoire des intimes. Only in their early twenties, they are entering the world of public speaking to prove that dreams can come true at a young age.

Lectures by Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau:

  • Duration: between 45-75 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conferences available in French and English.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.
  • Conferences also available online, live.

Plan A

Plan A aims to motivate teenagers and young adults to follow their dreams and achieve their Plan A in whatever they wish to undertake. Whether it's academic, professional, sporting, artistic or even self-confidence. Philippe and Sandrine want to inspire them and make them realize that anything is possible, no matter what their condition, background or difficulties. People often find their happiness relatively late in life, but we advocate fulfillment from an early age!

"Risk-taking is at the heart of my approach
- Philippe Cormier

"The unknown feeds my creativity
- Sandrine Morrisseau

Fulfilment is the basis of our overcoming

This spin-off conference from Plan A is specifically targeted at adults and focuses on performance anxiety, pushing yourself and achieving your goals for career success at such a young age. The conference also aims to equip adult clients to find fulfilment as early in life as possible. Philippe and Sandrine discuss their experiences with daily stresses and provide solutions to learn to live with anxiety.

Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau are also available for variousanimation mandates. Contact us to find out more!

Biography of Philippe Cormier :

Born on May 31, 2000 in the Laurentians, Philippe studied cinema at CÉGEP, before embarking on a certificate in film scriptwriting at UQÀM. He also trained as a director at INIS. In 2020, he took off with his first feature film, Lorsque le coeur dérange, starring Rebecca Gibian and Emmanuel Auger. Dealing with psychosis, the film had its media premiere at Cinéma Impérial, won numerous festival awards and was broadcast on Apple TV and Club Illico. In 2021, Philippe signs his second feature, Le purgatoire des intimes, starring Normand D'Amour, Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Sonia Vachon, Brigitte Lafleur and Anne Casabonne. With this film about post-traumatic shock, he confirms his artistic identity with refined, hard-hitting psychological dramas. In 2022, the young filmmaker directed Berceuse du malheur, a short film starring Marilou Morin and dealing with sleep problems. 2023 promises to be a promising year for Philippe, who signs Sarcophage, his first collection of poetry. He is currently hard at work on his 3rd feature film, L'Anarchie des anges.

Biography of Sandrine Morrisseau :

Born in Montreal on February 19, 1999, Sandrine studied at a boarding school, where she quickly learned about community spirit, before moving to Joliette to study film at the CÉGEP. In 2019, she was hired as Artistic Director for Montreal's Émergence Festival, which awards short films from around the world. At the same time, she completed a BAC par cumul en communications at UQÀM, including the following three certificates: cinematographic scriptwriting, communications and cultural animation. Sandrine is also training as an actress with prestigious organizations, including Ateliers Louise Boisvert, René Migliaccio's private training courses and Jean-Pierre Bergeron's workshops. In 2021, she entered the film industry as 1st Assistant Director on Philippe Cormier's feature film Le purgatoire des intimes. In 2022, she resumed her position on the short film Berceuse du malheur and joined the directing team of 20h30 chez Mathieu, a series for digital media. In 2023, Sandrine becomes line producer for the English-language feature film Old Guys in Bed, by Jean-Pierre Bergeron.


Talkative Kids, available on YouTube and Spotify.

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  • Self leadership
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Mental health


  • Lapel microphone (2)
  • Table for notes and water bottles
  • Projector and screen
  • Remote control
  • Philippe and Sandrine bring their laptop containing their visual presentations (including photos and video clips)

Interviews with Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau :

Interview with Philippe Cormier and Sandrine Morrisseau: What is your plan A ?