turnkey package

Stock market simulation + conference
with Michel Villa and BOURSIFY

A former equitytrader with financial institutions for more than 10 years, Michel Villa uses his field experience to share his valuable advice with enthusiasm and rigour.

Combining his conference with the Boursify stock market simulation was an obvious choice, already well appreciated by our clients.

This package includest :

  1. One (1) virtual conference of approximately 60 minutes with Michel Villa
  2. One (1) 30-120 minute stock market demonstration led by the Boursify team
  3. Logistics and coordination via the Zoom Meetings platform (if needed) or via YOUR platform!

Accessible to all!

Whether they are complete novices or experts in finance, both the conference and the simulation are aimed at participants of all levels of knowledge. The personalisation of the conference and the trading experience ensures that everyone will enjoy the experience.


  • Total duration of the activity: from 75 minutes to 3h30 (customizable)
  • GROUPS : minimum of 20 participants

Knowledge and know-how, the keys to success in finance and in life!

For many people, the key to success in finance is knowledge. Whether it is through courses, seminars, books or blogs on how the stock market works, people believe that knowledge is the only valid prerequisite for generating long-term returns.

Unfortunately, knowledge is necessary but not sufficient. Without a doubt, behavioural skills, i.e. the way one behaves in the face of stock market fluctuations, are also a key element in creating added value. Indeed, it is essential to be on the lookout for different behavioural biases in order to reduce our errors of judgement when making decisions.

Of course, this principle also applies in everyday life. Regardless of your academic background, professional experience or general culture, it is essential to be aware of our self-management to achieve professional success!

DURATION: 45 - 90 minutes

presented by
Michel Villa - Trainer, stock market columnist and CPA

Captivate your audience during an activity in the fascinating world of finance!

DURATION: 30 to 120 minutes

For whom?

  • Colleagues and teams
  • Candidates in the recruitment phase
  • Current or potential clients
  • Partners

The Boursify simulation activity is suitable for all groups. Customising the experience to suit your participants ensures that everyone enjoys and appreciates it. Considering the purpose of such an activity, it can be entertaining, educational and even collaborative.

For what occasion?

  • 5@7 evenings
  • Dynamic workshops
  • Memorable main events
  • Workshops between two conferences

The flexible approach allows a Boursify simulation to become the heart of one of your events or to blow away your schedules with its streamlined format. So, whatever organisation you have in mind, there are several customised solutions to meet those needs and easily enhance your projects.


What is a stock market simulation?


  • Experience Wall Street
  • Start with more than $250k to trade
  • Be a trader for a few hours


  • Start with more than $250k
  • Buy and sell shares
  • React to events in real time
  • Track your portfolio
  • Face-to-face or distance learning


  • Build your trading strategy
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Compete to reach the top of the ranking
  • From a one-hour to a full-day experience
Quebec Conferences, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Michel Villa Conference + Stock Market Simulation Package


Customise events, the stock exchange and every detail to maximise immersion.

  • Full control over events
  • Customise the share curve
  • Adjust the sensitivity to supply and demand
  • Derivatives support (optional)
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Clear and intuitive administration panel
  • Support from our team of experts


Organise your next simulation quickly and easily


Take an existing scenario...

  • Designed by our experts
  • Adjust it to your preferences

...or write one!

  • Full control of actions and events
  • Create a scenario that stimulates the desired level of expertise
  • Choose your themes for an inclusive and exciting immersion



  • Choose the place and time
  • You can add up to 1000 participants
  • Pre-designed booklet for your participants


Installation of the system

  • Open the simulation on your web browser
  • Project stock charts and events on a screen
  • Give players access to their online account



  • A hostannounces events and interacts with the group


  • Our support team answers all your players' questions

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