Patrice Coquereau
speakeractor, author and director

In addition to his roles in the popular TV series Rumeurs and le Coeur a ses raisons, Patrice Coquereau, speaker, has also appeared in Les Bougon, 3,600 secondes d'extase, Vrak la vie, District 31, 30 vies, Indéfendables, Stat and Le Bonheur, among others. He has appeared in several films, including De père en flic. He was also an improviser for three seasons at LNI. With nearly 80 theatrical productions to his credit, he has performed on every stage in Montreal, in a multitude of genres, with a particular emphasis on creation. He is currently working on a solo that will see the light of day in 2025. Patrice Coquereau has been touring Quebec since 2022 with his hugely successful Symphorien.

In 2014, he wrote Heal with Throat, a best seller recounting his life journey and personal experiences related to anxiety disorders.

40 ans de carrière. Patrice Coquereau demeure plus que jamais animé et habité par le feu du jeu et de la communication. Vous pouvez le suivre sur Twitter @PCoquereau, ainsi que sur sa page Facebook @Patricecoquereauofficiel.

Patrice Coquereau's conference:

  • Duration: 45-90 minutes, adaptable.
  • As an option, add a 20-minute discussion period with the audience.
  • Conference available in French only.
  • A preparatory call is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Face to face with anxiety

An excellent actor, we had no idea that Patrice had suffered from major anxiety disorders. Now recovered, he delivers a message full of hope, and shares the tools he's forged himself to break free. His passion for words and his talent as a comedian make him a one-of-a-kind. speaker who will inspire you to achieve anything you once thought impossible.

 Topics covered :
  • A look back at the first anxiety attacks
  • The transformation, the return to balance
  • Life is essentially movement and impermanence
  • The tyranny of the norm or limiting oneself to imitation
  • The present moment, the inner support
  • Say yes to expansion, die to the old

Neutralize toxic relationships (professional and/or personal)

Living a professional or personal relationship isn't always easy, even if two people start out with the best of intentions.

On the other hand, some relationships become downright toxic and impossible. Someone has taken the upper hand over a colleague or loved one, who ends up going round in circles in a relationship of dependence and abuse.

How can you make sense of it all? What tools are available to get out of this downward spiral? Taking a step back, getting a fresh perspective and a new outlook to free yourself from this war zone and finally begin to rediscover balance, freedom, peace and joie de vivre - that's the priority!

Yes, it's possible! Yes, it can!

Patrice Coquereau, with the help of a psychologist, has set out to sort out and portray the various personality disorders. He places particular emphasis on narcissistic perverts, whose actions and strategies wreak havoc on those around them.

Unmasking them, recognizing their different facets, can give people the impetus they need to move on and act with full knowledge of the facts. Lucidity, responsibility and freedom go hand in hand.

Patrice Coquereau invites you to stop condemning yourself, to give yourself a quality of life and to deploy yourself in a new reality. Tools and resources exist. An exchange and sharing session with the audience will also help to nourish and enrich your awareness.

Every human being has the right to happiness and dignity. To put an end to the old merry-go-round, we need a new household!

Patrice Coquereau is also one of the trainers of the webinarsFormax series:

Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Patrice Coquereau - Speaker, actor and director










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Biography of Patrice Coquereau :

With nearly 80 theatrical productions to his credit, Patrice Coquereau has dabbled in all genres: classical theater, contemporary theater, and above all, Quebecois creation.


In addition to his roles in the popular series Rumeurs and Le Coeur a ses raisons, Patrice Coquereau has appeared in Vrak la vie, for which he received a Gémeaux, District 31, 30 vies, La Théorie du K.O., Toute la Vérité, Les Bougon, Les Bobos, Un gars, une fille, 3600 secondes d'extase, Indéfendables, Stat and Le Bonheur. He also played three seasons on the L.N.I., where he won the Robert Gravel Trophy in 2000.


We've seen him in several film productions: De Père en flic, Le Sens de l'humour and Laurence anyways . In 2017, he starred in two successful films: Votez Bougon and Père fils thérapie, released in Quebec and France. In 2019, he is in Émile Gaudreault's latest film, Menteur, as well as Podz's Mafia Inc.


He has directed three plays, Lucidité passagère, Cravate club and La Déprime, and was entrusted with a fourth major production in 2016: Les Tannants, a show that also toured Quebec in 2017.


From 2022 to 2025, Patrice plays Oscar Bellemarre in the theatrical version of the legendary TV series Symphorien . He is currently on tour throughout Quebec.


Patrice Coquereau also gives talks on anxiety. Spring 2014 saw the release of his autobiographical and best-selling book Guérir à gorge déployée, recounting his journey to recovery from anxiety disorders. After a career spanning 40 years, Patrice remains enthusiastic and driven by multiple projects.

Patrice Coquereau, speaker has a number of projects in the pipeline that he is developing and bringing to life. Green light for another work cycle!


  • Wellness and personal development
  • Anxiety


  • Wireless headset
  • Small table (for notes and water bottle)


Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Patrice Coquereau - Speaker, actor and director

Patrice Coquereau in conference:

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