turnkey package

Wine (& cheese) tasting + Conference
with Isabelle Huot and Natalie Richard

Learn more about antioxidants, residual sugar and sulphites in this dynamic lecture that includes a theoretical section outlining the various properties of wine and its health benefits with occasional and moderate consumption. And to liven things up, a tasting experience related to the topics discussed demystifies food and wine pairing.

Turnkey formula with the possibility of having a box of wine, cheese and other 100% Quebec products delivered to participants.

This package includes :

  1. One (1) lecture portion with Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition
  2. One (1) tasting session guided by Natalie Richard, sommelier
  3. Logistics and coordination via the Zoom Meetings platform (if needed) or via YOUR platform!


  • Total duration of the activity: from 60 to 90 minutes (customisable)
  • GROUPS: unlimited
  • Activity offered in face-to-face and virtual mode

Wine and health: an agreement under the sign of moderation

In this lecture, the benefits of moderate wine consumption on cardiovascular health are discussed. Isabelle also demystifies the notion of residual sugars in wine. The lecture is accompanied by a tasting of a minimum of 3 wines of different styles. The tasting is commented by sommelier Natalie Richard.

Do you enjoy wine? Would you like to know if your consumption is responsible and part of a healthy lifestyle? This conference is for you! Cheers!

presented by
Isabelle Huot - Doctor of Nutrition

Isabelle Huot holds a WSET-3 diploma and a doctorate in nutrition and is passionate about food and wine.


Isabelle has been very active in the media for 25 years. She has been a columnist on Salut Bonjour for 18 years and has also had a weekly column in the Journal de Montréal for over 15 years. She has written 15 books on food, all of which are best-sellers and some of which are sold in several countries.


In addition to her experience in research and communication, Isabelle Huot, speaker, has a solid practice in clinical nutrition. Through her collaboration with Équipe Nutrition, she offers services in more than 65 clinics in Quebec. Ten years ago, she launched a wide range of ready-to-eat meals delivered throughout the province and in Ontario. The line has expanded to include snacks, cereals, seasonings, spreads, and biscuit and muffin mixes, which are sold in over 700 outlets.

Quebec Conferences, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Wine & Health package with Isabelle Huot


Don't worry, our sommelier will guide you in the selection of wines for your group!

You can then purchase the wines yourself, or order through our partner, Les Terroirs de Jules. You can also add cheese and snacks to your wines for an even more complete experience!

Quebec Conferences, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Wine & Health package with Isabelle Huot
presented by
Natalie Richard - Graduate Sommelier

A WSET-Diploma graduate, she is known as the adventurous sommelier because she has travelled the world, 23 countries and 5 continents for her bestseller Routes des vins dans le monde - 50 itinéraires de rêve, published in 2019 by Guides Ulysse. Her Planète Vins columns can be read every Saturday in CNi2's Le Mag des journaux, Sherbrooke's La Tribune, Quebec City's Le Soleil, Gatineau's Le Droit, Granby's La Voix de l'Est, Trois-Rivières' Le Nouvelliste and Granby's Le Quotidien.

Passionate about the art of living in all its forms, Natalie has an impressive career path that began as a hoston Radio-Canada, then as a VJ on MusiquePlus and MuchMusic. Music led her to gastronomy in early 2000 when she co-hosted one of Quebec's first cooking shows Cuisinez with Jean Soulard. In 2010, she published two cookbooks, then contributed to Chatelaine magazine's Gourmand blog, in addition to producing over a hundred culinary videos for them, filmed in her kitchen and still online.

In 2013, she started her own website - Natalie Richard - Art de Vivre - where many of her food, travel and wine columns can be found, along with the blog La Sommelière Aventurière. Her inspiring encounters in the world of food and wine led her to complete advanced training in sommellerie and her years of experience make her a seasoned host, specializing in events, food and wine pairing and the Art of Living.

Organised and adaptable to any situation, she creates tailor-made food and wine pairings according to the theme.


She specialises in food and wine pairing and wine and cheese. She also masters beers, mixology and whiskies.

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