Training courses on
stress management

Stress is a powerful force. It can paralyse as well as propel. All high achievers know that they cannot eliminate stress but they can control or channel it. Find out how in our various training courses.

On this page you will find :

  • full details of our tailor-made training courses on STRESS MANAGEMENT
  • the list of the trainer (s) specialising in this topic
  • and examples of existing training courses to give you an idea of what can be done at home!

Available in French and English depending on the trainer

Who should attend these tailor-made stress management courses?

For all those who are under great stress, who feel overwhelmed by events, who experience anxiety and questioning.

Can this stress management training be adapted to my organisation?

Yes, it is! This is the main goal of our tailor-made training courses. Below, you will find a list of existing courses that have been developed by our trainers on the subject.

The idea is to present you with an overview of what is feasible on this topic, so that you can determine your needs. In doing so, the chosen trainer will be able to prepare a tailor-made training course that perfectly meets your expectations.

Examples of stress management training

Which trainers offer stress management training?

speakersQuebec, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Stress Management Training

Besieged overnight by severe anxiety related to his sport, and with 4 Paralympic Games and several world championships behind him without the shadow of this threat, Benoit spent nearly six months without being able to put his head under water. His preparation for his upcoming championships is severely affected. Like millions of people around the world, Benoit must learn to accept, understand and live with this imposed guest. He tells you about his journey, his search for solutions, how he still and forever lives with anxiety and optimises his performance in the face of adversity. How do you get back on the podium?

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speakersQuebec, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Stress Management Training

Denis Bouchard is a one-man band. His energy and boundless enthusiasm have led him to be an actor, director, show producer, author, playwright and more. All of these hats have led him to create shows, direct actors, manage their stage fright and anxiety, and perform under pressure, all with the goal of offering the audience (his clients) an unforgettable experience....

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speakersQuebec, Training, Motivation and Team Building - Formax - Stress Management Training

Guy Bourgeois is a key player in the world of conferences and training in Quebec. Owner of a major speakers' agency and instigator of the Classe Affaires training program, he is himself a speaker . He has more than four thousand conferences and training courses to his credit. He specializes in : Self-improvement, sales and leadership. Previously, Guy was co-owner of a food distribution company.

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The choice is yours! All our tailor-made training courses can be presented in the classroom or online, live!


From 2 hours to 2 days, our trainer will adapt to your needs.


The cost of customised training varies according to several criteria, including the course chosen and the trainer who presents it, the duration, whether it is presented online or in a classroom, the location, the number of participants, etc. The easiest way is to contact us for a quote.

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