Fabien Major
speaker and Financial Planner

A regular commentator on economic news in the major national media, Fabien Major, speaker manages to simplify the complex principles of global finance. An experienced communicator, he knows how to surprise and captivate his audience. Economics, technology and society are closely intertwined. Understanding how they interact will make you a better manager AND a more successful investor.

Fabien Major's lectures:

  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes, adaptable.
  • Conferences available in French only.
  • A preparatory videoconference is planned to adapt the content of the conference.

Financial planning for businesses

Employers who want to increase the productivity of their employees know that employees can bring personal concerns to work. Obviously, this is detrimental to concentration and efficiency. Whether it is for managers, key employees or the entire staff, this conference-training will be perceived as a definite and lasting benefit. In today's world, managing your personal finances is no longer enough. How can better planning of one's assets help reduce taxes and increase investment returns? You will get answers to this question and a host of practical tips and striking examples of the concrete applications of the power of integrated planning! Financial planning covers 7 interrelated fields: Budget and finance, investments, protection and insurance, succession, legal aspects, taxation and retirement.

To invest or not in cryptos?

Not a day goes by without mention of cryptos and Bitcoin. Is it a currency, an investment, a catch-22? How can you tell the real from the fake? What should we be wary of and how to invest wisely? Fabien Major goes back to the origins of the main digital assets and explains how blockchain technologies will transform finance and our daily lives.

Check out his column " Bitcoin 101 " on CBC's On va se le dire .

Socially responsible investments

Every financial institution now has ESG (Environmental, Socially Responsible and Good Governance) investments in its catalogue of financial products. Is this a passing fad or a lasting phenomenon? What characterises these products and how to choose them? As with all new products, there is abuse. This conference will present you with situations of GreenWashing. Not all ESG funds are as green as they claim to be. Others are more interesting than they seem.

7 ways to make your fortune... that work

This bold talk is the result of 25 years of close relationships with high net worth investors and business people. Fabien tells fascinating, little-known stories of phenomenal success and innovation that have transformed our lives. He has identified 7 exceptional constants that can explain how a few privileged individuals have managed to amass immense fortunes. As soon as these 7 keys are revealed, conference participants will want to quickly put them into practice in their organisations.

Take control of your image and stand out

Fabien is a pioneer of digital marketing in financial services in Canada. He was one of the first planners to launch a specialized blog in the early 2000s. His personal branding strategy has changed his practice and taken his business to new levels. He tells you which technological and strategic tools have served him best and which ones he will avoid in the future. Participants will discover how to use social media effectively in their business and what missteps could ruin their reputation. Among the topics covered; learn how to build a powerful website, a compelling podcast or videos with superior business impact.

Biography of Fabien Major :

Fabien Major, speaker often repeats a phrase that characterizes him well: "I take my work seriously, but I don't take myself too seriously. To say he has fun at work is an understatement. His good humor is said to be "contagious".

Il est passionné par la communication : écriture, podcast, TV, Radio, etc. Il est tombé dans la marmite étant petit. Vous pouvez régulièrement le voir et l’entendre dans les grands médias nationaux comme l’Actualité, Qub-Radio, LCN, 98-5 FM et sa participation régulière à l’émission « On va se le dire » à ICI Radio-Canada Télé. Son aisance sur scène ou en ondes provient sans doute de ses 14 ans d’expérience à temps plein comme animateur radio et chroniqueur télé. Avant de bifurquer vers la finance, il fut morningman pour quelques stations de radio, dont le 98,5FM à Montréal.

Il a 6 livres à son actif qui traitent tous de finances personnelles et de planification financière, dont le Best Sellers « Petits secrets et gros mensonges de votre banquier ».  En 2022, il a lancé « Petites histoires de gros dollars » et « Qu’allez-vous faire de tout cet argent » qui traite du phénomène de transfert de richesse entre les générations.

Fabien is a financial planner, chartered administrator and holds a master's degree in business administration. He is the founder of Major Gestion Privée, one of the largest branches of Assante Wealth Management. His team is made up of some 15 professionals working in Outremont, St-Lambert, St-Georges-de-Beauce and Quebec City.

Fabien sees himself as an economic and financial "pathfinder". He defines his role as a guide who assists families and entrepreneurs to better manage and plan their wealth.


  • Innovation and technology
  • Personal Finance
  • Financial planning
  • Marketing and personal branding
  • Podcast and Business Videos


  • Tie microphone and sound system
  • Screen and projector for PowerPoint and video
  • Connection for protable
  • Lectern
  • Please allow 30 minutes for testing and installation


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Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Fabien Major - Speaker and financial planner
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Fabien Major - Speaker and financial planner
Conférenciers Québec, Formation, Motivation et Team Building - Formax - Fabien Major - Speaker and financial planner

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