ON THE ROAD: Interview with Rafael Jacob (The United States needs us)

Interview with Rafael Jacob (The United States needs us)

This month, I meet the man you can hear on 98.5 FM and see regularly on television, American political expert Rafael Jacob.

Rafael explains that beyond the successive presidents, the ties between Canadians and Americans are stronger than they seem.

While it is true that in the Trump era (which will end sooner or later), there is a protectionist wind blowing a little harder, the business relationship between Canada and the United States is very close, and has always been.

Let's not delude ourselves, we owe our high standard of living and the strength of our economy to our big brother in the South who, with 380 million inhabitants (10 times more than us), is our biggest customer. Most of our industries owe their prosperity to this undeniable fact.

But are there areas where the Americans really need us?

All the New England states need our hydroelectric power. These same states as well as New York City, New Jersey, the Carolinas and Florida (especially Florida) benefit greatly from our tourism. Ask any Florida business owner what they would do without snowbirds? To ask the question is to answer it.

There is also the whole "creative and innovative" aspect of Quebecers that greatly helps the Americans. What would Las Vegas be without Cirque du Soleil? Many of our great creative minds are in Silicon Valley. And what about the Quebec directors and the multitude of Canadian actors who have been working in Hollywood for decades?

There are also major film studios (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) that contribute to the success of many films. And that's not counting the aluminium, wood, beef and a whole range of devices and instruments that Americans love.

So we can say that YES, the Americans need us... But the guy from Texas doesn't notice much.

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