Why offer tailor-made courses?

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In addition to salary and benefits, workers are increasingly looking for quality jobs that offer many benefits. Flexible hours, telecommuting, job security, career opportunities, autonomy and work environment are just a few of the indicators of job quality observed by future employees.

To remain competitive, employers must adapt to demand and offer attractive benefits to their employees and future employees. If you don't already offer it, one of the important benefits to implement in your company is on-the-job training.

Not only is on-the-job training a positive indicator of job quality, but it has several benefits for your employees as well as for the company.

Here are 6 reasons to offer tailor-made courses.

1. Upgrade everyone's skills

Of course, by offering tailor-made courses, you ensure that your entire team is up to date with the latest trends, technologies and organizational values. There is no shortage of options for training in business development, negotiation, customer service, marketing, communication or team management.

Whether it is for your managers, your receptionists or your sales staff, make sure that the training you choose is adapted to your employees and to your business context.

2. Fostering the professional development of each individual

Not only does training serve to update one's skills but it can also be used to develop new ones.

Are any of your employees considering career advancement? Make sure you offer them the opportunity to acquire the knowledge they need for the position they want. Are you planning to implement a new technology? Make sure your team is ready to use it. Are you making organizational changes? Does your management and HR team have all the knowledge they need to make the changes happen in an orderly fashion?

3. Increase the motivation level of your employees

Have you ever noticed that when you start a new project or have new goals to achieve, your motivation level is higher than when you are on a plateau? It's the same thing when you're in learning mode! When we learn new things, we immediately want to test this new knowledge.

Training provides an extra dose of motivation and is also a good way to break the routine that may have set in over time in your company. By presenting training as a new professional challenge, you will stimulate your team and encourage them to progress.

Providing training to your team is therefore a good way to keep the flame burning and motivate them to work.

4. Increasing the sense of belonging to the company

Show your employees that their professional development is important to you. Training them means giving them the opportunity to develop their talents and skills and they will be grateful!

Offering training to your team is also an opportunity to bring them together around a common project. Opt for a Team Building training to improve relations and communication between your teams. The result will be a strong and united team!

5. Improving productivity

Competence, motivation and a sense of belonging all help to improve self-confidence. And by being more confident, motivated, competent and involved, your employees will also be more productive and successful.

6. Meeting the requirements of the 1% law (Skills Act/Law 90)

Finally, in Quebec, if you are an employer with an annual payroll of more than $2 million, you must, under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, commonly referred to as the Skills Act, invest the equivalent of at least 1% of this payroll in training activities aimed at developing the skills of your employees.

No matter how experienced and educated your staff is, there is always room for improvement. That's why using a professional trainer, who is constantly developing his or her skills, is so important.

Before you choose your trainer, make sure that you can discuss the content of the training with them and that they can tailor it to your industry, your context and your team. With customised training, your employees will pay more attention and retain the concepts presented better.

This is why we at Formax offer the services of experienced trainers in various fields who can provide you with tailor-made training. Discover them here.

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