WORKING FROM HOME: How to be effective and stay motivated


Many of you this week have to work from home and discover this new reality. Some of you have always dreamed of it, others have always been convinced that it was not compatible with them, but in any case, the COVID-19 is forcing almost all of us today to cope with this rather unusual way of doing things.

Knowing that this has been our reality for many years (respectively 9 years, 28 years and 28 years = 65 years accumulated), many of our friends and acquaintances wrote to us this week, asking us how we have been doing all this time and telling us how good we were to continue and succeed because "it's so good to work from home!

This is why Guy, Myriam and I (Formax Team Management) have decided to record OUR TIPS for you to help you FIND YOUR WORK ROUTE AT HOME and most importantly, STAY MOTIVATED!

We will of course answer your questions below later this week and if you are also a homeworker, you can also share YOUR tips in the comments section!

Following on from this video, 2 of our trainers have also prepared 3 NEW webinarsfor the occasion, including some LIVE performances on Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th March:

Happy teleworking to all!

Marilyn Bourgeois, Director of Development
Myriam Lapointe, VP Operations and Controller
Guy Bourgeois, President, speaker and professional trainer for over 27 years


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